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    Why you need to be doing Video Marketing for business

    by MBudo Marketing Ideas

    Content has become an indispensable resource to attract, engage, and delight customers. This process, defended by the Inbound Marketing methodology, has forced brands to develop less intrusive actions to persuade prospects through interesting, quality content.

    In this sense, creativity plays a leading role that makes it possible for your business to stand out and differentiate itself in a highly competitive market. How? By knowing your prospects and satisfying their needs through the content they consume and are truly engaged with.

    The resource that solves this equation is Video Marketing for business. If your business has only bet on the wonderful art of writing, the figures below will show you the unstoppable reality of video over the past few years. 

    • Audiovisual material accounts for 80% of total Internet traffic.
    • Half of Internet users between 25 and 54 share videos.
    • The segment that interacts with video the most is between 16 and 24 years of age. And the smartphone has become the device of choice to express opinions after watching a video (source).

    Numbers don't lie and the results from the latest IAB Spain study show a clear predilection for audiovisual content. The chant of "reinvent or die" is nothing new but at this point, as Darwin would say, adapting is the only solution to survive in a changing scenario.

    Today, companies no longer care about just selling, they also prioritize making their target audience fall in love with them. The best way to establish close and lasting relationships is through an emotional connection, and here Video Marketing becomes king again.


    3 Advantages of Video Marketing for Business


    Increase Engagement with Video Marketing

    captar tu audiencia es clave para video marketingA user can only hold their attention 100% for 2.7 minutes, and the best way to focus this attention on your brand is through empathetic stories in which they feel reflected. To make this work and be able to influence your prospects' purchase decision, it is essential to know and understand what their concerns and needs are. Consider creating Buyer Personas and mapping out the Buyer's Journey

    Your audience will expect their trusted brand to think and worry about them. If you only talk about prices and figures, you will not get them to care about your product or service. 

    The goal is to develop emotional and creative videos with immersive stories. These types of stories are easy to remember, and users will want to share this type of content online. 


    Improve Conversion with Video Marketing

    If you get people to press play and you manage to retain their attention for the first 30 seconds, you have already achieved a lot. According to Implix and Forrester Marketing, the open rate of Email Marketing campaigns with videos increases by 5.6%, the CTR by more than 90%, and unsubscribes are reduced by 75%.

    Currently, different digital platforms are developing functionalities that promote the use of audiovisual material. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are gaining importance and influence with a 50% conversion rate, ahead of Twitter with 28%, according to IAB Spain.


    Achieve Versatility with Video Marketing

    video marketing puede utilizar Instagram StoriesVideos allow us to optimize our content to reach a much wider audience and open up new possibilities for positioning and visibility.

    YouTube, video streaming, Instagram Stories, 360º video, and short videos (Snapchat and TikTok) facilitate easy consumption and that "viral factor". All of this because the video is presented in a much more attractive, digestible, understandable, and innovative format.

    We must not forget that video makes up 50% of all mobile traffic and adapting your campaigns to the these screens will improve video permanence and conversion.


    Integrating Video Marketing for business into your content strategy is a great idea, but remember that without a clearly-defined audience, tailored content, and a great video strategy, any actions may be for nothing. You need to spend time creating your video strategy and make sure to use your imagination!

    From mbudo, we invite you to take your first step into the world of video and if you have doubts along the way, contact us

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