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    What is Inbound Marketing?

    by Ana Botija

    What is Inbound Marketing? A few days ago a good friend and Marketing professional asked me about it.  I started to describe it very well, but after a few explanations, commenting about technicalities and other things, I ended up summarizing it in a single sentence:

    Inbound Marketing "is to simplify"

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    Inbound Marketing is to make life easy for your prospects and your customers, taking their hand and guiding them along the way, from the mere discovery of the brand all the way to the sale.

    But it goes beyond this... Inbound Marketing is about making things easy, being a person of trust, and always offering your help. Your prospects will be happy if you give them the answer to their problems at the right moment, and your customers will be at ease knowing that there is always someone on the other side.

    And best of all, this will cost you minimal effort because most of the process will be automated!


    Where to start?

    For Inbound Marketing Strategy, everything revolves around content; taking it a step further we can talk about format: blog posts, infographics, ebooks, podcasts, etc. Yet you don't have drive yourself crazy writing or designing; today there are many tools that facilitate the task. A few examples are Canva or Easellywhere you have hundreds of templates to design your own graphics.

    The only condition is that the content truly interests your audience.

    Content like blogs and email is important in Inbound Marketing

    Once you have a content plan, you need to publish and distribute this content. And this is when an Inbound Marketing platform will facilitate the task. You have free tools such as MailChimp, perfect for one-off actions, or HubSpot, with more functionality, allowing you to manage many more contacts, by automating scheduled actions, etc.

    These tools give you visibility of the level of "maturity" of your contacts, so you can classify them along their Buyer's Journey. Read more about this below.


    Different phases of the so-called "Customer Journey"


    1. Are the contacts visiting your website for the first time? 

    Don't miss them, and more importantly, get them to register! Of course, you need to prepare an attractive website, incorporate a live chat (there are tools very easy to implement like Live chat or Userlike), and have valuable information for them in an easy format to digest (it's possible that they won't be on your site longer than 10-15 seconds!).


    2. Do you begin to see registered contacts? 

    You are halfway there. Observe their movements and actions accordingly. With an Inbound Marketing tool, you can segment your contacts and fine-tuning carefully. You can send them an e-book or an infographic of the topic of interest to them, invite them to your next webinar and thank them for attending or not attending!


    3. Are they making the right decision and buying? 

    Subtly convince them, send them a super promotion or any incentive that you can think of. The most important thing is to do it at the right time!

    Inbound Marketing is about attracting visitors and converting them into paying customers

    4. Do you have customers? 

    Don't miss them and be sure to pamper them, it won't require much effort!. Send them updates about your product and nurture their interests. They will turn into fans of your brand!

    There is still more. Integrate with your CRM and keep your sales reps informed about where your contacts move around, what they're interested in, and when is the best time to interact with them.


    As you've seen, none of this is complicated. Inbound Marketing solutions make it simple. Discover mbudo if you're looking for an Inbound Marketing Agency in Madrid or abroad. We will make the magic happen for you.


    Inbound Marketing

    Ana Botija

    Ana Botija

    Ana is Inbound Marketing director in mbudo. She has worked with multinational IT and Telco companies in the areas of Engineering, Business Development, and Marketing. Ana doesn't try to deny her past as an engineer, which helps her enjoy the most complicated challenges. She loves art history and travel.