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    What is the Buyer's Journey in Inbound Marketing?

    by Berta Hurtado

    You've probably already heard of the "Buyer's Journey" and wondered why it is so important in Inbound Marketing. Well, you are in the right place because in this post we reveal everything you need to know about this term.

    What is the Buyer's Journey?

    The Buyer's Journey is the path that a user takes from the time they detect a problem or need, investigate the possible solutions and alternatives, and finally decide to acquire a product or service that solves the situation. This buying cycle consists of three different stages: discovery, consideration, and decision stages. It is essential to know where your visitor is at in their journey in order to select the right type of content, tone of voice, timing, etc. All of this with the objective of turning a mere prospect into a paying customer.

    The different phases of the Buyer Journey are:


    1. Discovery Phase

    The prospective client perceives that they have a problem and intends to define exactly what it is and look for possible solutions. They will most likely do so through Internet searches. At this stage, the person is not yet ready to buy anything since they still don't know what is be the best possible solution to their specific need.

    Our role: We must use a purely informative tone. We aren't try to sell anything, but to help the person understand their situation in order to move on to the next phase. The content that works best is initial advice or articles related to the problem.

    Discover phase of the Buyer's Journey


    2. Consideration Phase

    Now, our potential customer is already aware that they have a problem and understands the extent its magnitude. They will begin to consider different options and compare the pros and cons in order to make a final decision. The person is getting closer to the purchase, but is not yet ready for purely commercial messaging.

    Our role: At this stage we must help our Buyer Personas conduct research and position ourselves as a leading company in the field. Our tone should remain informative, but more professional than in the previous phase. The content could be things like high-quality ebooks, webinars, step-by-step guides, videos.


    3. Decision Phase

    This is the last stage of the purchase cycle. Here, the person already knows what their need is and will have evaluated the different options and solutions. The potential customer is already determined to buy, and therefore our tone may be more commercial.

    Our role: Now is the time to convince the potential customer that we are the best solution for their needs. What works best are the "demo formats", such as a free first consultation or a sample of the product. We must communicate the advantages of our product or service, payment methods, discounts or promotions, etc.  Anything to close the sale!

    Decidir es la parte más importante del Buyer Journey


    You could argue that Buyer's Journey is the most essential part of Inbound Marketing, as it is the only way to strategically offer the right information to a specific person at the right time in order to convert leads and visitors into customers. The purpose of all this communication is to accompany our buyer throughout the process, providing valuable content in each phase that places us as a reference and, finally, as the best solution to their problem.

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    Berta Hurtado

    Berta Hurtado

    Berta recently completed her undergraduate degree in Business (a bilingual degree, at that!) She has discovered her passion for Digital Marketing at mbudo, where she creates content for our blog and social networks. She loves animals, fashion, travel and good books.