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    The Top 5 HubSpot Marketing Resources to Expand your Business

    by Minerva Ventura

    Before carrying out an Inbound Marketing strategy for your business, you must first think about the resources you will use to achieve your objectives and expand your business. Above all, you need access to an all-in-one platform that makes Marketing easy and efficient; that platform is HubSpot, the #1 Inbound Marketing tool. 

    In this post, discover the 5 best HubSpot Marketing resources you need to carry out your Marketing strategy and more...all without leaving the HubSpot platform.

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    1. The HubSpot CRM

    The HubSpot CRM will allow you to create records of both contacts and companies and link them to each other to maintain a well-organized database. In addition, you will be able to observe your sales funnel from a visual panel that lets you order transactions, see scheduled appointments, sent contracts, etc. The HubSpot CRM allows you to create up to 1 million detailed contact records and integrate your email inbox directly with the platform, allowing you to access the information of your contacts or companies from your inbox. You can also track the emails/documents you have sent and the activity of your contacts.

    It's important to note that the CRM lets observe all the sales opportunities that enter the funnel and group them depending on where they are in the lifecycle:

    • Subscribers: Contacts who want to know more about your company and have demonstrated it by subscribing to your newsletter or blog.
    • Leads: Contacts that have come to your website through interactions that go beyond subscriptions, such as, CTAs, ebook downloads, meeting requests, etc.
    • Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL): Contacts that your Marketing team has considered are ready for the Sales team
    • Sales Qualified Leads (SQL): Contacts that your Sales team considers potential customers.
    • Opportunities: Contacts with whom there are real sales opportunities.
    • Customers: All contacts that have purchased your products/services. 
    • Evangelists: Defenders and ambassadors of your business and brand; they are the ones who, through their social networks, word of mouth, and testimonials, can help you achieve a greater number of leads, sales, and customers.
    • Other: This is a stage that you can use as a “wild card”, in the event that a contact does not adapt to any of the previous stages.

    You can also create customized lifecycle stages outside of the ones above, and play with dozens of filters to create highly-segmented lists and workflows. 


    2. The HubSpot CMS

    hubspot marketing resources like the CMSOne of the best HubSpot tools is, without a doubt, HubSpot CMS. With this tool, you have the possibility to create your website, blog, landing pages, and nearly any other type of digital content for your business (ebooks, buttons, banners, emails, etc.)

    When you go to create a landing page, HubSpot has an extensive library of optimized templates that will allow you to create and design landing pages from scratch. In addition,  for each visitor, you will be able to create personalized content, forms and CTAs, which translate into giving each user the best possible experience. Once you have your landing pages, HubSpot will allow you to identify which ones generate the most conversions, test different variants, changing the headers, CTAs, images, and forms to attract a greater number of leads. Furthermore, you won't need to worry about responsiveness because HubSpot pages automatically adapt to any device.

    If you want to do Content Marketing for your business, HubSpot features a Buyer Personas tool and an SEO Strategy tool to make sure your content is relevant and optimized. HubSpot SEO is based on Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters, and it indicates the top keywords, search volumes, and SEO actions to take to achieve greater authority (meta description, alt text, related keywords, H tags, links, etc.) 

    Tip: You can integrate Google Search Console with HubSpot so you can use data for your SEO strategy that comes directly from Google


    3. HubSpot Automation: Workflows

    Automation is a key point in Inbound Marketing as it ensures that tasks that are high-volume, impossible to manage manaually can be carried out. To do so, HubSpot uses workflows, automated actions that can be triggered based on behaviors, events, etc.

    HubSpot lets you to create workflows from scratch or focusing on a date that corresponds to a webinar or event.

    Email Marketing is a good example of where automation can help out immensely. Having created an automated lead nurturing strategy (based on users' unique characteristics), you can send them useful information and foment your relationship with them. In addition, this should be adapted to each stage of the Buyer's Journey, so that the content being sent is always highly relevant and in turn creating customer loyalty. 


    4. HubSpot Support: Chatbots

    hubspot marketing resources for chatbots and live chatChatbots are, without a doubt, the future of Marketing. They are able to schedule meetings, provide information, ask questions and receive answers, as well as give answers to standard queries. But HubSpot has managed to enhance the "human factor", making interactions not seem so robotic thanks to the integration with the HubSpot CRM; this allows your bots to send personalized messages based on the information that is available about each contact.

    HubSpot makes it easy to start creating your chatbot, with a simple layout and branching system. Beginners and experts alike can navigate HubSpot chatbots and live chat options with ease. 


    5. HubSpot Integration with Social Media and Paid

    Thanks to HubSpot, you do all social media management, publishing, and advertising from the same place. Want to publish blog content direct to your social networks? How about program posts for the future? Do it on HubSpot! You can also observe all the interactions on your posts and create personalized flows with the different keywords. This way, you will interact with follow and generate engagement, and you'll never miss out on possible sales opportunities.

    Of course, you can't ignore paid search and social - they are key for generating traffic and leads. HubSpot can help you track your Paid Search and Social strategies through the creation of a tracking code for the campaign, which will allow you to monitor and verify its success. You can also take advantage of social media reports in the HubSpot Reports tool. 


    As you can see, there are many HubSpot Marketing resources to make your marketing strategy brilliant. At mbudo, we are a HubSpot Partner Agency, and we can help you navigate the platform and set up your entire Marketing strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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    Minerva Ventura

    Minerva Ventura

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