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    5 SEO tactics for optimizing your digital content

    by Berta Hurtado

    We don't really have to tell you that nowadays, search engines such as Google are the main tools for finding information, brands, services, etc. It's estimated that more than 80% of existing Internet traffic is generated by these search engines. This can give us an idea of ​​the importance of implementing specific strategies so that our website and blog are well-positioned and easily found by our target audience.

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the process of optimization to a web page, blog, or digital content so that it can appear better positioned in the results when someone performs a search using words related to that piece of content. 

    Below, we share 5 easy SEO tactics to better position your website and content. 


    1. Expand your online presence

    You need to have the basics of your business set up on the web: your website, blog, and social media channels. Play with different social media networks like Instagram for e-commerce or LinkedIn for Account Based Marketing. Each network should have its own purpose and flavor. Positioning yourself in different ways on different social networks will help you reach each of your different Buyer Personas

    Your web, blog, and social channels will all tie into your strategy of getting more leads. It is very important to create original, interactive, and quality content. Everything you can do to make yourself relevant and valuable to your customer base will help improve your SEO. 


    2. Improve loading speed for mobile devices

    Your website should load quickly, but you also need to pay attention to the different devices; many more people are using mobile phones to access content. It is recommended that the load time be less than 3 seconds. How can you achieve this? 

    seo tactics to improve device speed
    • Create logos with different weights depending on the device. For example, if the user connects from an Android device, it's not necessary for the logo to have the same resolution as for the web. The key is to avoid large images.
    • It's essential to use a typeface that can be read perfectly without the need to zoom. Also keep in mind that some unique fonts will appear differently on other devices. 
    • Choose a simple design. Your design should always have your branding and reflect the values and core image of your company. 
    • Don't add pops ups or too much noise. You don't want to trick or distract leads from anything but your content. 


    3. Repair broken links

    Does the famous 404 error code sound familiar to you? This appears when a user visits a URL that is no longer on the server; they are links that were inserted and direct to web pages or content that no longer exist.

    404 errors can have negative consequences for your business if the user has a bad experience or the search engine tracking is interrupted.

    That's why it's very important that you regularly check your URLs and make sure that there are no broken links on your website or within your content. 


    4. Study keywords and study your competitors

    keywords is an important seo tacticThe use of keywords is one of the most important SEO tactics. You need to learn the basics of keyword research or hire an expert agency like mbudo to help you find relevant keywords to include in your content. At mbudo, we also recommend following HubSpot's content strategy, which goes beyond keyword to focus content around topics. 

    We recommend Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to find keywords.

    Furthermore, it's essential to study your competition, investigate what types of content they're creating, and try to figure out what keywords they are targeting. This will help your discover your main competitors and it will allow you to compare tactics and results. 


    5. Create videos and play with internal linking

    Currently, video marketing is the hottest trend in Marketing. More brands have realized that video brings greater visibility and engagement to their brand. Many times, the users prefer to watch entertaining and dynamic videos than to read a long piece of text. Experiment with adding videos and GIFs into your blog posts and social media posts. 

    We also encourage you to think about internal linking within your website and blog. We mentioned HubSpot's content strategy above, and linking is a core element of this strategy because it shows search engines the relationship between content. Link to related posts within web pages and blog posts, and don't forget to include external references when necessary. Your prospects should have a satisfactory and complete experience every time they read a piece of your content. 


    Now that you know the main tactics for SEO, it's time to start optimizing your content. We can assure you that you will soon get positive results! If you want to learn more Content Strategy, click here, or if you want mbudo to take charge of your content, contact us

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    Berta Hurtado

    Berta Hurtado

    Berta recently completed her undergraduate degree in Business (a bilingual degree, at that!) She has discovered her passion for Digital Marketing at mbudo, where she creates content for our blog and social networks. She loves animals, fashion, travel and good books.