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    Introducing new HubSpot Account Based Marketing tools

    by Mary Swick

    HubSpot and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) fit together perfectly - like puzzle pieces. Why is that? It's because they feature a lot of the same basic characteristics and goals: quality data, targeted clientele, and a big emphasis on relationships and trust. 

    But what both HubSpot and ABM do best is prioritize the quality of a key contact more than the number of raw's all about quality over quantity. 


    New HubSpot Enterprise Features

    HubSpot is championing better outcomes for its users by including a wealth of new features in its Enterprise Hub: Revenue attribution reporting, intelligent A/B testing, partitioning and most-importantly, Account-Based Marketing tools (ABM and partitioning are still in beta). Below, we discuss the new ABM tools in more detail. 

    hubspot leads the way with account based marketing 

    New HubSpot Account Based Marketing tools

    The new Enterprise features for Account Based Marketing are threefold: company scoring, ABM dashboard and reports, and standard ABM properties.

    • Company Scoring: HubSpot has introduced new rules-based scoring for companies that "makes it easy to measure the engagement of and prioritize target accounts". You can use the HubSpot default rules for scoring or customize scoring based on your needs.  
    • ABM Dashboard and Reports: There is now a dedicated dashboard for Account Based Marketing and ABM reports to go along with it. If you add these ABM reports to any other dashboard, you'll also see the new category for ABM on the side. HubSpot says these beta features make it easier to "target account engagement and your ABM strategy as a whole".  
    • Standard ABM Properties: New default properties for companies include Target Account for defining target accounts, ICP Tier for defining the Ideal Customer Profile, and Buying Role for defining the role of contacts in the sales process. 

    If you want to learn about the other new features included in the Enterprise Hub, read this blog post. 


    Overview of Account Based Marketing with HubSpot

    You may be a little rusty with the Marketing lingo. That's okay! At mbudo, we're experts in ABM and we're here to explain: Account Based Marketing is a hyper-segmentation strategy for targeting specific accounts, usually in the B2B sector. To learn more about this Marketing tactic, read our in-depth post. 

    Account Based Marketing is all about defining your ideal customers (Buyer Personas) properly identifying these accounts, and engaging the right contacts. All of this supported by content, strategy, continual revision, and a united Marketing and Sales team. HubSpot has the tools to help you achieve each one of these points. We break it down below:


    Defining Buyer Personas

    hubspot account based marketing takes buyer personas into account

    Buyer Personas are essential to the HubSpot methodology. At the core of every business is a Buyer Persona who is the exact right fit for their product or service. mbudo can help you create and track Buyer Personas through the HubSpot platform!

    The HubSpot platform also helps you ever-so-easily visualize company data through the company record and the HubSpot Insights tool. Existing clients will give you clues as to what other companies in that industry will fit with your product/service. 


    Identifying Key Accounts

    Now that you've got your Buyer Personas and are collecting company data, you need to start tracking potential accounts. HubSpot Lead Scoring will help you identify contacts/companies that have similar trends to your successful outcomes. mbudo can help you customize your Lead Scoring for your specific needs, while creating lists and custom company properties to track new accounts. 


    Engaging Contacts in the Right Way

    workflows are part of the hubspot account based marketing strategy

    Once you're ready to start reaching out to contacts within key accounts, you have a number of options to contact them. Incorporate the Sales or Service Hubs into your strategy to achieve total HubSpot integration across all departments. You'll be aware of every email and call that has been logged, and know the status of every deal. 

    In addition, we recommend Marketing Automation like workflows to automate the process for communicating and following up with contacts. mbudo can also help you set up workflows to automate internal tasks. But be careful, you shouldn't automate everything - for ABM you also need interpersonal interaction and engagement. 


    Supporting Elements: Content, Strategy, Analysis, more!

    One of the greatest benefits of HubSpot is that you can bring all of the elements of your Marketing Strategy together on one single platform: Create your blog and flesh out your SEO strategy with HubSpot's content tools (mbudo are experts in Pillar Pages!) Connect your social accounts and manage targeted campaigns directly from HubSpot. Build a Reports Dashboard that analyzes all your key metrics. With HubSpot and mbudo, Account Based Marketing is an easier feat than ever!


    If you're looking for an agency partner to help you get started with ABM, contact mbudo!

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