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    What you'll learn in a HubSpot Demo or HubSpot Training

    by Mary Swick

    A Marketing Automation platform can set your business up for success and make your team's job easier than ever. So, choosing the right software is a key decision to make.

    Luckily, it's not a tough choice these days - HubSpot is the world's leading Marketing Automation software and has just won three 2020 Top-Rated Awards. That being said, you should explore the ins and outs of the platform before taking the plunge. 

    In this post, discover what HubSpot can do and learn what a HubSpot demo or training with mbudo can teach you. 


    What can the HubSpot platform do for your business?

    HubSpot is an all-in-one platform for Marketing, Sales, Services, and your CRM. No matter what you're looking for, HubSpot has it! One of its main benefits is that it's easy to use, meaning your entire team will be able to navigate the platform in a short amount of time. What are it's key features?

    • CRM: Getting your contacts organized is a bigger barrier to success than many businesses think. HubSpot makes it easy to get organized with lots of default CRM properties, creation of custom properties, contact syncing and merging, and database cleaning.
    • Marketing: Take your Marketing from start to finish. Manage your website, blog, and landing pages; optimize your content for SEO and conversions; automate processes with workflows and incorporate personalized email outreach; and automatically publish your content to social media. 
    • myriam-jessier-VCtI-0qlVgA-unsplashSales: Align Marketing and Sales in the same platform to streamline your messaging, responsibilities, and processes. It's simple to align your teams with playbooks and templates. Track important deals through each stage, contact leads quickly and efficiently, schedule meetings, and personalize quotes.  
    • Services: Improve customer awareness and satisfaction. Use tickets and chatflows to quickly follow up with customer queries, cultivate helpful content to solve your audience's problems, and design surveys to get useful customer feedback. 
    • Reporting: HubSpot offers easy tracking across pages and seamless data collection. Integrate social media and paid media metrics. Analyze your results via custom reports and dashboards. 

    Moreover, see how HubSpot compares to these other two popular platforms:

    If you want to pursue HubSpot for your business, the first thing to do is to set up a demo with a HubSpot partner agency like mbudo, who can show you the characteristics of the tool. Finally, a HubSpot training will make sure your team knows how to properly use the tool after purchase. 


    HubSpot Demo with mbudo

    Getting a demo before investing in a Marketing Automation software will help you better understand if it's the right choice for your business.

    The goal of every demo we do at mbudo is to show you the key features of the HubSpot tool and how they can benefit your company and team. It is specially-adapted to your project needs. This means we will go over the basic elements of the Hubs you're interested in, and explore in the functionalities that can improve your strategy, automation, content, etc. 

    mbudo HubSpot demo example

    For example, a Marketing Hub demo might involve an overview of the sections involved in the Hub: the CRM, web page management, and email marketing, among others. But if your main goal is content creation and optimization, we will show you the landing page and blog-builder, the on-page SEO optimization elements that you can modify with HubSpot, as well as their special content strategy tool to help you explore keywords and build integrated Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters for improving your content's online ranking.  

    Our HubSpot demo is a 1-hour live demonstration of the platform in action, without going into great technical detail or overwhelming you with new tools. It's to show the ease-of-use of HubSpot, how it fits your needs, and how it can be tailored to your company and project. That's one more great thing about HubSpot - it's highly customizable! 


    HubSpot Training with mbudo

    A HubSpot training, on the other hand, is usually performed for companies who have already purchased HubSpot and are in the process of setting up the platform (or mbudo can take care of the setup for you!)

    Like the demo, this is a highly personalized training, but it will further delve into the intricacies of the tool and how to actually use it. This can be a training for your whole team, or only the people who will be using the software day-in, day-out, and it normally lasts around 2 hours. 

    What knowledge will you gain during the training? 

    Marketing Hub Training

      • Website, landing pages, blog: Your website or blog might be hosted within HubSpot or have been migrated from an external site. Discover how to successfully manage and create your own blog posts and landing pages in HubSpot for educating prospects and converting leads.
      • SEO: As mentioned above, HubSpot offers a SEO strategy tool for exploring keywords related to your business, creating Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters, and optimizing your content with SEO best practices.
      • Email: Automated emails can transform your lead nurturing process. In the training, you'll learn to create email templates, use personalization tokens, and integrate email into automated workflows. 
      • Ads and social media: With integrated social media and paid media accounts, you'll control everything right from HubSpot, track your posts and ads, and have a view of useful metrics to improve your campaigns. 
      • CTAs and forms: Conversion is a key aspect of passing Marketing leads to the Sales team. Discover how to create CTAs and forms, and the different formats, fields, and logic options you can use for each. 
      • Workflows: You'll already have learned how email figures into workflows, but see how you can use it to update CRM properties, send internal notifications or SMS, and more. 
      • Marketing dashboards and reports: Customize Marketing reports such as traffic source, blog and landing page visits, first conversion, CTA clicks, MQL>SQL rate, and more. 


    Sales Hub Training

      • Deal pipeline: Track deals from first-contact to close. Learn about creating deal stages, implementing pipeline automation, and lead rotation, and ensure your sales team knows how to properly navigate the platform. 
      • Tasks and sequences: Discover how to create tasks in HubSpot to better organize your team and automate sequences so that emails and tasks are always followed up on. 
      • Playbooks: We will get your team on the same page with playbooks, standardized notes for agents to use that can be referenced within HubSpot records. 
      • Documents, quotes, meetings: It's useful to create a team document library to share documents with contacts, link reps' emails to HubSpot, and share product/service quotes directly from the HubSpot platform. 
      • Sales dashboards and reports: Customize Sales reports including deals by stage and revenue, revenue forecast, document views and shares, sequence enrollment, meetings booked, sales team activity, and more. 

    Service Hub Training

      • Ticket pipeline: Building an efficient ticketing system is key to improving your customer service. Learn to design a ticketing strategy and implement pipeline automation, plus make sure service reps know how to label and close tickets. 
      • Surveys: Send feedback surveys on ticket management and NPS. Your team will discover which type of template to use and how to measure responses. 
      • Knowledge base: Let your visitors solve their own problems and alleviate your customer service workload by cultivating a wide array of education articles.  
      • Conversations (inbox, chatflows): Learn how to organize your chaotic customer service inbox and build chatbots to send contacts where they want to go.  
      • Services dashboards and reports: Customize Service reports like chat and conversation volume, time to close, survey scores over time, knowledge base views, and more. 


    With a demo or training done by mbudo, you will acquire expert knowledge on the HubSpot platform and put your business on a path to success. Your team will thank you for making their jobs so much easier! If you're wondering how to move forward with a HubSpot demo or training, get in touch with us today and we will resolve all your doubts. 

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    Mary Swick

    Mary Swick

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