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    What are Webhooks and how to implement them in HubSpot?

    by Ana Botija

    Nowadays HubSpot is one of the best CRM's platforms on the market. What started as a marketing automation tool has become one of the most powerful and versatile CRMs in the world. Its flexibility and adaptation to each business model, among with the ability to synchronize with external applications and data integration has been achieved with great success.

    The marketing and sales technology landscape has completely changed in recent years. There are more than 8,000 marketing and sales applications at this very moment compared to just over 150 in 2011. Integrated platforms are vital to adapt to any business structure. 

    What is a webhook?

    One of the functionalities offered by HubSpot CRM is the implementation of webhooks, or in other words, the use of a communication system that simplifies the exchange of data between different web applications.

    In addition to webhooks, HubSpot features multiple API's that allow interacting with the information. Both models play a very important role in systems integration.

    Let's see how they work:

    When we interact with an application, almost all actions are translated into events. For example, if we have an ecommerce, the moment of payment is considered an event. From here we may be interested in automating an action, such as sending an email. If we have an API development, we need to periodically consult the application to know if an event has occurred, which could generate some systems overload. However, a similar development using a webhook, allows to notify the time of the event without the need for periodic monitoring. 

    This saves resources and time, making the operation much more efficient and avoiding possible delays in the execution of automated tasks. 

    With this diagram we explain it visually:Webhooks VS API

    How to implement webhooks in HubSpot?

    There are different uses of webhooks within HubSpot. The choice will depend on the type of license and the specific need. Here are the 3 main functionalities:s:

    1. API Webhooks


    The API Webhooks feature is available for all HubSpot licenses.

    Based on an application created in HubSpot, it allows you to easily create events or subscriptions to send data every time these events occur. These events include contact, company and business creations, as well as property deletions or updates. 

    API de Webhooks HubSpot

    Font: HubSpot

    For more flexibility, you can consider other options detailed below:


    2. Workflows extensions

    The workflow extension functionality is currently available for all Pro and Enterprise plans, and can be used in contact-based HubSpot workflows. With this functionality you can develop custom actions to send data from HubSpot to a webhook URL.

    Some of the advantages are:

    • Usability: it's much easier to use, we can create workflows and add these actions when needed.

    • Efficiency: allows you to customize the payload so that you only get the data required by the application, making it easier to process it.

    • Scalability: can be used to integrate HubSpot workflows with other systems, e.g. CRM's, SMS platforms, push notifications, etc.  


    Extension de workflows

    Fuente: HubSpot

    Currently this functionality is limited to contact-based workflows. Fo advanced functionalities, a third option is available:


    3. Webhooks with bots/workflows

    This functionality is available only with the Operations Hub Professional license, enabling webhooks to be triggered by an action in both HubSpot bots and workflows (technical information).

    In the case of bots, a webhook can be triggered when a user inserts a certain input to the bot. You will notice that they can also wait for a response before proceeding to the next action.

    As for workflows, the biggest advantage is that you can trigger webhooks on all existing workflow types in HubSpot (contact, company, business, ticket and quotas) using different triggers.
    Webhooks a traves de workflows

    Font: HubSpot

    For more information on how to use webhooks through workflows in HubSpot, please access this article.

    As you can see, there are different ways to use HubSpot webhooks, depending on the type of platform license and the requirements of each project.

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact
    mbudo. We will be happy to help you!

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    Ana Botija

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