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    The Ultimate 2021 HubSpot Product Guide

    by Leo Fornasari

    As you most certainly know, nowadays businesses are no longer growing the same way they use to back in the 90’s; people have a different way to buy and companies are reflecting this in how they are selling.


    HubSpot is now the 1st Marketing Automation platform worldwide because they understood these customer behavioral changes before their competitors. If you, as more than 56.000 other companies, are making your bet on HubSpot to grow your business in a sustainable and genuine way then in this HubSpot Product Guide you’ll find the best solution that HubSpot can offer to you and your business.

    First let’s see what products HubSpot is offering and their features


    Hubspot pricing guideHubSpot Products list

     A new business philosophy has been adopted lately which states: “Pay only for new Marketing Contacts” meaning you will only pay for contacts you use for marketing activities, no longer need to pay for other business contacts, suppliers or possible new employees.

    HubSpot offers different types of products based on your business needs and your available resources to invest, which are:

    1. CRM (Customer Relationship Manager): This product is completely free and it’s a system that allows the management, tracking and storage of your contacts (leads and customers) in order to design and create effective marketing campaigns.
    2. Marketing Hub: This is the star solution, which makes HubSpot the most recognized Marketing Platform in the world, and it’s also the reason for which HubSpot was created. A solution that allows the integration of all your marketing assets and data within the same platform. This all-in-one platform will allow you and your teams to access and manage all your data in a centralized and effective way, save valuable time and offer all the resources you need to provide a personalized customer experience.
    3. Sales Hub: This sales software offered by HubSpot is designed to gather and optimize all sales processes and tools to increase leads and conversions. Sales Hub eliminates friction within your departments; your whole team will be able to focus on your customers with this easy-to-use platform and will be able to connect with them anywhere at any time.
    4. Service Hub: This solution is totally oriented to the customer experience, it integrates the ticket system, which helps improving customer experience, and helps them convert not only into loyal customers but also into brand ambassadors. With this solution you will be able to engage with your customers in an effective and personalized way 24/7 through different channels with the power of automation tools, this resulting in more time for proactive service that delights, retains, and grows your customer base.
    5. CMS: This product will help you design and create your website in an easy and intuitive way, you will also be able to create content materials and other website elements and functionalities, this will help you to optimize your SEO and thus, increase traffic and generate more leads and conversions across any device.
    6. Operations Hub: This system will help your business grow better by giving the operations team the necessary tools to grow in a consistent and organized way without building different growing processes for each team and getting your data lost or isolated. This system provides a unified toolset that connects apps, cleans data, and automates business procedures under the same CRM platform, with Operations Hub you’ll grow faster and better.

    Moving forward let’s see the different plans you can subscribe with HubSpot according to your business needs and budget…


    HubSpot Plans and Pricing model:

    There are 4 major licenses you can acquire from HubSpot each one of them offering free and paid functionalities and tools to help you manage and grow your business. Prices also vary depending on the amount of marketing contacts and the type of license you choose.

    Free Tools Starter Professional Enterprise

    This is the most basic plan, includes the HubSpot CRM and other basic features for free, such as:

    • Forms,
    • Email Marketing,
    • Ad management,
    • Live chat,
    • Reporting Dashboard

    This plan is designed for newborn companies with limited resources that need to take the first step towards growing and automating working procedures. This plan includes: 

    Free tools with increased limits, plus:


    • Forms
    • Email marketing
    • Landing pages
    • Live chat
    • Email & in-app support

    This is the most demanded plan from HubSpot business customers and gives access to the following features:

    Starter plus:


    • Omni-channel marketing automation
    • ABM tools and automation
    • Dynamic personalization
    • Multi-language content
    • Social media
    • Video hosting & management
    • Contact and company scoring


    • Collaboration tools
    • Campaign management
    • Teams


    • A/B testing
    • Ads optimization events
    • Contact create attribution


    • Website traffic analytics
    • Campaign reporting
    • Custom reporting
    • Salesforce integration


    • Phone support

    This plan is mostly used by big organizations that operate in different countries and manage a high volume of marketing contacts all around the world; they have a lot of data to process, different languages to manage, currencies and teams. This plan includes: 

    Professional plus:


    • Single sign-on
    • Partitioning
    • Hierarchical teams
    • User roles
    • Field-level permissions
    • Email send frequency cap


    • Custom objects
    • Salesforce custom object sync
    • Adaptive testing


    • Multi-touch revenue attribution
    • Behavioral event triggers and reporting
    • Predictive lead scoring


    Depending on which plan you choose you can have access to a certain number of features within the different HubSpot solutions. Let’s seen them in more detail

    Marketing Hub available features 

    • Starter Marketing Hub Plan:

      Hubspot pricing marketing hub

    If you choose the starter plan within the Marketing Hub Solution you most certainly are a startup and need a low-price tool to help you manage your campaigns while you spend more time focusing on more strategic decisions.

    With this plan you will have access to the free features stated before plus you’ll manage to:

    1. Attract your leads with: Landing Pages / Ad Management / Live Chat / Conversational Bots / Forms
    2. Get more relevant info from your leads by: Tracking lead interaction with your website / Creation of Segmented Contact Lists / Lead status information
    3. Better business-customer relationship with: Email Marketing / Retargeting / Follow-up emails and forms
    • Professional Marketing Hub Plan:

    This is the plan that allows you to execute your marketing campaigns in an automated way and allows the A/B tests among other options. With this plan you have all the previous mentioned features included in the Starter and Free plan plus:

    1. Automate and personalize your marketing strategies: Marketing Automation / Content creation in different languages / Contacts and Businesses Qualifications
    2. SEO Optimization through: Blog posts creation / SEO recommendations and opt / social media
    3. Increase and Optimize your Conversions with: ABM tools / Salesforce Integration / Calculated Properties / Campaign Reports / Personalized Forms

    • Enterprise Marketing Hub Plan:

    This plan is designed for big organizations and it is the most expensive one, available for business that:

    • Have at least 50.000 contacts in their database
    • Commercial Presence in various Countries
    • Different target Markets
    • Big teams to manage with different responsibilities regarding the CRM usage

    With this plan you will have access to all the previous features plus:

    1. Team and Brand Management: roles assignations / team building / permits assignations
    2. Platform extensions: Chatbots, adaptive tests, and custom objects.
    3. Advanced reports: multi-contact revenue attribution, behavioral event triggers and reports, and predictive lead qualification.

    Sales Hub available features 

    • Starter Sales Hub Plan:

    With this plan you’ll be able to automate up to 1000 email sequences and receive unlimited notifications on users’ actions.

    • Professional Sales Hub Plan:

    With this plan you will be able to automate the qualification and rotation of leads with up to 300 workflows, allowing you to assign leads to sales representatives. This solution is designed for companies that have between 10 and 30 salespeople.

    • Enterprise Sales Hub Plan:

    hubspot pricing eterprise

    With this plan you will be able to meet the needs of more than 40 high-performance sales representatives. In addition to significantly expanding the capabilities of the Pro plan, the Enterprise plan offers additional resources and possibilities that allows you to scale the productivity of your sales teams to a maximum, for instance:

    • Implementation of workflows from triggers
    • Call recordings transcripts
    • Monitoring recurring income


    Service Hub available features 

    • Starter Service Hub Plan

    With this plan you will be able to:

    • Organize your support channels
    • Streamline customer communications (email templates, snippets)
    • KPIs to monitor and improve customer retention 
    • Professional Service Hub Plan

    With this plan you will be able to:

    • Net Promoter Score meetings display, experience assessment and service rating.
    • Up to 25 team’s management
    • Integration with Salesforce and Slack
    • Creation and Customization of videos to help clients solve their recurrent problems
    • Enterprise Service Hub Plan:

    With this plan you will have access to:

    • Customers calls transcriptions and recording
    • User roles and team’s management according to geographical areas, languages, responsibilities, projects etc.
    • Automated access to a library with up to 1000 guides to help you and your team solve each problem in real time.
    • Tracking internal productivity by goals assignation.

    HubSpot will also provide different types of discounts depending on what you choose, for example:

    If you choose the “Growth” pack containing marketing, sales, and service hub you’ll be able to get a personalized discount that goes up to 25%.
    If you contract an annual payment and engagement with HubSpot instead of a monthly plan, you’ll also get discounts that vary from 10% to 15%.

    As you can see the HubSpot pricing model offers a variety of solutions that will adapt to your business requirements, goals and needs. If you are still wondering which plan fits better for your business you can always get in contact with mbudo, we will be glad to help you!


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    Leo Fornasari

    Leo Fornasari

    Leo is a graduated student on Business Management collaborating with mbudo on Inbound content and campaigns. He learns more about Inbound each day by gaining more HubSpot certifications. Leo is passionate about different cultures and he prides himself on his language skills, which are important for foreign business relations.