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    The Best WordPress Plugins for Marketing and Design

    by Mary Swick

    WordPress is well known amongst Marketers as a platform for hosting your website and blog. Whether you're looking into creating content on this platform or you've already got everything set up, plugins are something that you're definitely going to need when using WordPress.

    Discover our list of the best WordPress plugins for everything from SEO to design to analytics.


    All-in-one plugins

    • Sumo: This plugin has a lot of features oriented around email, but it goes way beyond that. Sumo lets you amp up your list building through optimized forms, easily integrate social sharing and e-commerce, and do advanced content analytics.
    • Jetpack: Jetpack is a web design plugin whose strengths are its security features, including attack protection, spam filtering, site backup, secure login, and a record of changes. It also offers site accelerator tools, image optimization, site management, SEO, and analytics. Discover Jetpack
    • HubSpot: HubSpot is an amazing Inbound Marketing and content management platform in itself, but if your website or blog is hosted on WordPress, the WordPress-HubSpot integration offers a wide variety of features. If you're still trying to decide between WordPress and HubSpot, discover our comparison!

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    • Yoast: This might be the single best Wordpress plugin you use. Optimize your pages and posts for Search Engine Optimization with Yoast. Optimize your keywords, title, meta description, readability, and technical aspects like breadcrumbs and canonical URLs. SEO in Inbound Marketing is key, as it is a way to reach your prospects naturally. 
    • Redirection: Fix broken links, implement redirections, do 404 error tracking, match queries, import/export data, and do all of this for free. Redirection will significantly improve your site ranking. 
    • Title Experiments: Do A/B testing on your page titles to see which work best and improve click through rates. You'll see an uptick in clicks to your blog posts and landing pages after using Title Experiments.



    • Just Writing: Churn out great content with the Just Writing plugin. It offers a distraction free writing mode, spell checker, personalized layout, etc. High-quality content is one of the tenets of Inbound Marketing, so this plugin will make sure you're consistently producing posts for your user base.  
    • Akismet: Avoid and get rid of pesky spam on your blog with Akismet. It reviews and filters comments from a global database of spam, but you can also check the history yourself to moderate comments. If you've got good comments from readers, you're on your way to true engagement!

    best wordpress plugins like akismet


    Email & Lead Capture

    • OptinMonster: Grow your email list through the OptinMonster platform. Create drag-and-drop forms and interactive pop-ups, do advanced personalization and retargeting, conduct A/B testing, and make sure your forms are responsive for all device types. 
    • WordPress PopUp: Another great option for popups is WordPress PopUp. Create customized, attractive, responsive pop-ups to inform your visitors about products, newsletter subscription, and more. 


    Images and Design

    build a website with the best wordpress plugins
    • Visual Composer: The #1 plugin for page building, Visual Composer allows you full control over your website without any experience in programming. It employs the drag and drop editor for quick and beautiful layouts that are responsive and customizable. Moreover, if you're looking to optimize your design process, consider the Growth Driven Design strategy. 
    • Smush: Compress and optimize images in bulk with Smush. Your images will still be high quality, but it will be better for SEO since your website will work faster. Additional benefits include more reduced rile size and more server space. 
    • W3 Total Cache: With many of the same benefits as Smush, W3 Total Cache helps improve website performance by increasing server performance, reducing load times, browser caching, etc. 


    Social Media

    • Revive Old Post:  Extend the life of your social media posts by automatically re-sharing them to your social networks. Revive Old Post will help you schedule posts and manage multiple accounts. As every Marketer knows, an important part of creating content is sharing it and getting people to engage with it! 



    • Monster Insights: Integrate your site with Google Analytics through Monster Insights. This plugin offers easy reports based on Google data and helps you improve your Marketing campaigns through the insights that you obtain. After implementing this plugin, your strategy will always be optimized for results.


    With these plugins, you'll be one step closer to optimizing your WordPress website or blog. If you're looking for help with WordPress, or you're considering the switch to HubSpot, let mbudo guide you. We are experts on these platforms and can create and implement customized Marketing and Design strategies for your business. Learn more about us!

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    Mary Swick

    Mary Swick

    Mary is a professional copywriter with nearly 10 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising. As an American expat in Madrid, she enjoys the relaxed Spanish culture, hiking, and the latest shows from Netflix and HBO. Mary also loves cats and music (she's the office DJ!)