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    How to convince your boss to increase Digital Marketing spend

    How do you convince your boss to increase Digital Marketing spend - or better yet, invest in Inbound Marketing? First of all, increasing Marketing spending implies that you're...
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    4 ABM Tools for Account Based Marketing Success

    More and more companies are betting on a strategy based on ABM (Account Based Marketing). According to HubSpot, more than 60% of companies will launch a strategy of this type...
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    Global Marketing: Challenge or Opportunity?

    In the current economic scenario, the internationalization or globalization of companies is often necessary in order to maintain competitiveness and achieve desired growth. ...
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    Introducing new HubSpot Account Based Marketing tools

    HubSpot and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) fit together perfectly - like puzzle pieces. Why is that? It's because they feature a lot of the same basic characteristics and goals:...
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    What is Outbound and Inbound Marketing?

    There are many different Marketing strategies that companies can employ - but at the basis of all strategies is an outbound reach or an inbound draw. We explain below what each...
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    The Most Used Social Media Channels in 2019

    Social networks remain an upward trend...with no intention of changing in a long time. Surely you (like most people), spend a lot of time on social media. If you want to make...
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