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    10 Basic (but Important) Aspects that Affect Your Marketing Investment

    Every business knows the importance of their bottom line; that is, predicting, controlling, and achieving a profit. Like you overall budget, you Marketing investment must be well...
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    5 steps for taking your regional Marketing strategy global

    In the digital world, we are no longer bound by distance or location - the global market is accessible for any business with a highly-creative strategy and a good understanding of...
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    HubSpot vs Marketo: the best tool for boosting your marketing

    “What should my company use, HubSpot or Marketo?“ If you are reading this post, it means you’ve been asking yourself this question lately. When choosing a perfect Marketing tool...
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    How to Tailor your Strategy for Startup Marketing vs. Corporate Marketing

    Marketing is important for businesses of all sizes, but your approach to Marketing needs to take into account the size of your business, resources, budget, and much more. Simply...
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    What is Lean Startup? 6 Marketing tactics to make your startup lean

    Starting a company from scratch is not an easy task; as someone in the startup world, you already know it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Moreover, all throughout the...
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    Framework for Marketing Management: How to Get Stakeholders Onboard with Inbound

    Have you ever felt that getting your boss’s approval of your brilliant new Marketing idea is mission impossible? Well, then you are not alone. We all know that key...
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