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    TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU Examples for Marketing & Sales

    In Inbound Marketing, we use different types of content to attract prospects at different stages of the buying process. This is called the Buyer's Journey and it consists of three...
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    Started as CMO? Why Inbound should be part of your strategy

    As a CMO, you might know that it’s important to use different strategies to build trustworthy relationships with your leads, prospects, and customers. But with the variety of...
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    Top Inbound Marketing trends for 2022

    As a constantly evolving society, trends and human behaviors are always in motion, but the year to come is certainly holding some of the greatest changes we’ve never seen before,...
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    10 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Marketing Department

    Typically, the underlying goal of every company is to make a profit and maximize sales - on that we can all agree. But not all companies have the proper expertise in Marketing,...
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    5 Tips to Create the Perfect Marketing Email

    All of us engaged with the Marketing world nowadays ask ourselves how to make our Email Marketing campaigns much more effective. I'm going to give you 5 good tips:
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    Database re-engagement campaigns to capture your leads' attention

    Don't you find that it's easier to walk into a room full of acquaintances or friends rather than a room full of new, unknown people? Isn't it easier to converse with someone when...
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