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    Started as CMO? Why Inbound should be part of your strategy

    by Bianca Alves

    As a CMO, you might know that it’s important to use different strategies to build trustworthy relationships with your leads, prospects, and customers.

    But with the variety of channels and methods - and not always the best resources -, how to constantly attract, engage and delight customers? 

    The answer is inbound marketing. According to Hubspot, it’s a methodology “that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them”. In other words, you create blog posts, podcasts, e-books, and content in different formats to help your prospects make an informed decision - that probably is buying your product. Then, you provide your customer with the best experience possible, which can contribute to client loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. 

    As you may have seen, the inbound methodology can bring more to the table when used wisely. Here is why inbound marketing should be part of your strategy:

    1. Reinforces your brand identity and brand awareness

    Your brand’s DNA is much more than logo and design: it’s the tone you use in a conversation with your clients, what you have to say, your values, and goals. By putting inbound marketing into practice, your customers will know who you are as a brand, will always remember you and, if they had a good experience, will probably come back.

    2. Helps build relationships with your customers 

    With a lot of information available at any time, your clients and customers might be impacted by your competence ads. However, nowadays, it’s more useful to create conversations with them in order to guarantee they are happy. Surveys, chatbots, or even a Whatsapp number can be an easy way to know your customers well, help them solve their problems, and keep your products and services up to date, according to your customers’ needs.

    3. Helps you become a source of information to your customers

    We are all sources of information. However, the differences between a normal individual and a content platform, for example, can be related to credibility, quality, and level of details. By using inbound marketing strategies, you might want to select a topic and clusterize it, aiming to convert yourself into a market reference. Therefore, it is very likely that your target audience sees your brand as a source of good information and will be always reaching out to you. Just remember of having a good content marketing strategy that the content created must be useful, fact-checked, easy to navigate, and helpful. 

    4. Attracts qualified leads

    We know that there are different stages of the buyer's journey: attract, convert, close and delight, for example. If you create a series of contents to solve all different questions from each stage, consequently, you will attract only leads who are interested in your product or service.

    5. Increases SEO








    The goal of many companies is to be the first choice of their target audience. But what if your company is Google’s first choice? Inbound marketing helps you strengthen the SEO of your website. A study made by Moz, points out that 71% of the search traffic clicks go to the first page of Google. Therefore, it is important to select your keywords well to be the first to show up whenever your future leads might be looking for you.

    6. Increases Return on Investment

    A report by Hubspot, Litmus and Wistia has come to the conclusion that 53% of marketers believe that inbound marketing increases the company’s ROI. 

    While investing in it can require a lot of hard work, once you have enough content to be delivered, it can drive results on its own.

    7. It’s cost-effective

    According to a Hubspot survey, when using inbound marketing, the cost per lead can be about 60% lower compared to outbound marketing. This can be explained since inbound marketing focuses on driving organic traffic to your website. While paid media impacts a more broad audience, inbound strategies take care of delivering the right information at the right time to your leads, prospects and customers.

    If all these reasons convinced you to start investing in inbound marketing, as a CMO you might be ready to sit down and start creating your marketing plan.

    At mbudo, we are happy to help you focus and develop your Inbound Marketing strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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    Bianca Alves

    Bianca Alves

    Graduated in Journalism with a Master’s Degree in Product Management and Marketing, Bianca has experience in public relations and content creation. One of her great passions is communication and its different forms and functions.