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    SEO Online for Beginners

    by Mary Swick

    Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is important for content creation and Inbound Marketing.

    Many writers don't take it into account because it inevitably changes the way you can say things and can affect your unique writing style. However, doing SEO online can be of great help to your blog or business. If you're a beginner, you might find our 5 tips useful. Read below!


    1. Use an analytics tool to find keywords

    SEO online is best done using Google keyword planner

    Besides having something to write about, you need to discover what people are searching for so they can find your content. It's nice to have amazing content, but what's it worth if no-one is reading it? 

    Maybe even more important, you need to discover how people are searching online. Word syntax (the way words are arranged in a sentence) is key in Search Engine Optimization. 

    There are many SEO tools you can use, some free. At mbudo, we use Google Keyword Planner. It allows you to investigate potential keywords, monthly search volumes, competition rates, suggestions for short and long-tail keywords, bids/pricing, and more. 


    2. SEO online ≠ keyword stuffing

    Once you find the perfect keyword for your blog post or website page, don't go overboard! Our recommendation is to choose one main keyword for your content and stick with it, using variations or plurals of the keyword to mix it up. You shouldn't use your keyword more than twice in your body copy, otherwise it could be flagged by search engines. 


    3. Pay attention to titles and subheadings

    put SEO online is all titles and headings, even photos!Next, make sure your main blog title has your keyword in it. This is your H1 and it's essential to only have only one H1 in your post. Your other subheadings should also include your keyword, if it makes sense. These subheadings should be labeled H2; the lowest you should go is H3, otherwise it won't really factor into SEO that much. 

    To stress this again, keywords should only be used when and where they make sense. If it's completely obvious that you're using a keyword that doesn't fit, make sense, or could be replaced with a better word...don't use it. 


    4. Don't forget about meta-tags and photos

    SEO is about paying attention to detail. Many writers focus on the meat of their content, but forget about the little things like the post description and pictures. In the description, you can include your keyword up to 2 times, once at the very beginning and once towards the end, if it fits. 

    Photos are also a good way to bulk up your Search Engine Optimization. Instead of keeping the default title that comes along with every stock photo, change this to a short description about what's in the photo or how it relates to your post, including the keyword if possible. 


    5. SEO online constantly changes due to search engine algorithms 

    The hardest things about SEO is that it's always in motion, and the leading search engines are always changing their algorithms. That means it can be hard to nail down an exact strategy that will work year after year. It's always recommended to do an audit of your SEO strategy on a yearly basis or after a big algorithm change. 

    Check out the latest algorithm updates from Google. 



    This blog post is just an introductory overview of SEO online to get you familiar with the things you should pay attention to in your writing and content management. Search Engine Optimization can be complex and technical, so it's important to have a partner by your side to help you with your SEO, SEM, or content strategy. Learn how you can partner with mbudo.

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    Mary Swick

    Mary Swick

    Mary is a professional copywriter with nearly 10 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising. As an American expat in Madrid, she enjoys the relaxed Spanish culture, hiking, and the latest shows from Netflix and HBO. Mary also loves cats and music (she's the office DJ!)