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    What Everyone Needs to Know about HubSpot Partner Day 2019

    by MBudo Marketing Ideas

    We're off to the races! HubSpot's amazing Inbound Marketing Conference has begun and mbudo is proud to be included in the Partner Day. After just 2 years as an agency, mbudo became a HubSpot Gold Partner in Spain!

    Partner Day is for agencies like us to learn, connect, and inbound! The agenda includes sessions, networking, and food/drinks for HubSpot partners from across the globe. We came all the way to Boston, Massachusetts from Madrid, Spain! 

    The day started with the COO of HubSpot, JD Sherman, sharing the company's mission to "help millions of organizations Grow Better". Next, Katie Ng-Mak, VP Global Partner Strategy and Operations, came out to talk about the diverse type of projects that can embrace HubSpot (double-check what Piloxing does), new integrations, and changes to the partner categories. Finally, GM/VP of Product (Marketing Hub), Nicholas Holland, spoke about HubSpot's innovations but concluded that "confidence comes from the platform" in its stability and reliability. 

    Read about the insights we learned that will help grow our business - and yours.


    Learning 1: Chatbots are the future (and the now)

    online chat is important in marketing automationThe first part of the day was spent at the session called "Six Bot Tactics to Jumpstart Your Conversational Strategy". The statistics that they told us were stunning:

    • 79% of people are willing to interact with a messaging app or service.
    • 82% of people rate "immediate" service or sales response as important.
    • 36% of businesses use live chat for activities.

    Given that buyers are extremely willing to interact with chatbots, yet only 36% of business use it, was something that struck us deeply. Chatbots should be part of every company's strategy: learn why! 


    Learning 2: The 6 Principles of LinkedIn Growth

    Next, we moved onto a wonderful session called "Grow Your Agency with LinkedIn". Really, this applies to every and all businesses. There, they told us their 6 Principle for Growth:

    1. Build a strong brand
    2. Expand your customer case
    3. Maximize mental availability
    4. Harness the power of emotion
    5. Budget for growth
    6. Balance the budget

    As you already know, LinkedIn is an extremely important social network and tool for B2B as well as every company and employee. Learning to use LinkedIn effectively is an asset to any business. 


    Learning 3: Building great teams means always be learning

    hubspot inbound marketing conference is great for learningFinally, we attended a Panel Discussion about "Building Successful Work Teams"; it spoke about company culture, hiring/training, a healthy work environment, employee engagement and satisfaction. Although there were so many takeaways, our top learning was: always be learning. 

    Your job will change over time, and your role will change with it. Your skill set and the skills of your employees should always be evolving, and HubSpot certifications and trainings are what keeps the mbudo team on a continuous education path. 


    It's safe to say that Partner Day at INBOUND 2019 was a complete success. We can't wait to see what the rest of the conference has in store for us!

    For a HubSpot agency partner in Europe and worldwide, discover mbudo!

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