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    Centralize your Operations with Hubspot Operations Hub

    by Alba Romero

    In case you haven't heard yet: HubSpot keeps growing! In recent months it has launched a new Hub designed to facilitate the work of the operations team: Operations Hub ™. With it, your entire team will be coordinated through an organized and connected data source, allowing them to adapt  to the constantly changing needs of your audience.

    Keep reading if you'd like to know exactly what this Hub is all about and why it should not be missing in your strategy!

    About the Operations Hub

    The Operations Hub is an extension of the HubSpot CRM, and allows you to easily synchronize all your customer data with external systems and automate business processes. This software is based on the RevOps (or operations center), and puts at your disposal full visibility of the different departments of your company so that you can coordinate all the tasks, and have your entire team aligned.

    The module includes data synchronization, programmable automation, and data quality automation. This will provide you with a unified view of each interaction with a contact, allowing you to offer what they need depending on the stage of the lifecycle they are in.

    To whom is it addressed?

    As companies grow, internal systems tend to break, as teams start to build their own systems. Operations Hub is primarily aimed to companies that want to unify several operations teams within the marketing, sales and services groups, with the goal of creating a single and centralized Revenue Ops team. You may be wondering if you need professional help to use this HubSpot module; The answer is no, because with built-in automation and contextual targeting, you can start expanding your operations in minutes. However, if you are looking for (even more) customization and you know how to use code, the customization of this module can go as far as you want and need. 

    In addition, as HubSpot has announced, if you have professional developers in your team, they can create custom workflow actions for business processes using JavaScript, so that you can adapt to the needs of your customers as you grow. It is also compatible with AWS Lambda, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) serverless computing service. With it, the Operations Hub allows you to unify all the processes of your company, linking them to the same content management system.

    Moreover, if you need help getting started with this Hub, HubSpot will quickly provide technical advice, or you can also check the Solutions Partners catalog. Remember that, at mbudo, we are Diamond Partners with HubSpot, and would be glad to help you in this process.

    Operations Hub Features

    Now that you know the main purpose of this extension, we are going to dive into the product. Operations Hub has three main features:

    1. Data synchronization:

    Data sync allows you to connect your business apps to HubSpot natively, in this sense, you will be able to synchronize the HubSpot records with all your tools, without having to waste time importing and exporting. Therefore, your customer data will always be kept up to date.

    Best of all, data synchronization for a wide variety of applications doesn't require a single line of code. All you have to do is choose the application, choose the information you want to include and save the synchronization. HubSpot will communicate directly with other applications to do all the work for you. In the case where your business tool does not exist natively in Hubspot, you can still synchronize your data using webhooks with workflows.

    With the Operations Hub, you can integrate dozens of new apps available on the marketplace, including Google Contacts, Mailchimp, Aircall, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics. Additionally, HubSpot will expand this list in the future.

    Why do you need data synchronization?

    HubSpot has a lot to offer, but it is most likely not the only tool you use in your day-to-day life- As your business grows, so do all the applications and tools. HubSpot knows that joining all these apps can be difficult, therefore, with data synchronization you can seamlessly integrate your applications and have all your customer data unified and centralized, keeping your teams aligned.



    Programmable automation

    Operations Hub creates a customized and programmable automation with JavaScript for all business processes, from lead rotation and territory management to renewals and after-sales service, to ensure team efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Automation allows you to use code directly in HubSpot workflows.

    Why do you need data quality automation?

    As your company grows, the touchpoints with your customers multiply, so in order for you to maintain a good customer experience throughout the entire process without sacrificing internal efficiency, you need quality automation. These new custom workflow actions will allow your operations team to quickly adapt processes to the constantly evolving needs of your customers.

    For which tasks you can use it? 

    With custom code actions you can create workflow or bot actions using JavaScript or any Node.js code. This can be used to make API calls, perform SQL queries, model objects… and much more! 

    Here are some examples of everything you can do with this function:

    • Enrich HubSpot records using third party data: When a lead fills out a form, HubSpot will query an external database and add that data to the record, creating a task if it is worth following up on.
    • Automate the renewals management: for example, when you close a deal, it automatically creates a new deal in the future, including a possible price discount.
    • Create complex lead scoring properties: you can score your leads using the data you have in HubSpot and in other applications..



    Data quality automation

    Forget about endless data cleaning tasks! Now you can automatically correct the date properties, format names, etc. With this, you will get your operations team to focus on driving growth for your company instead of worrying about low value tasks.

    Why do you need it?

    Let's be clear, the experience you offer your customers depends largely on how clean and accessible your data is. As your company grows, this action becomes increasingly difficult and you will have to dedicate more time to it. This is where data quality automation comes in. With this new feature, you can forget about looking at spreadsheets, since your data will be continuously under control.

    How does it work?

    You can add this new function to your workflows. To do this, create or edit an existing workflow, add the “Format data” action and choose the rule you want to apply, the data quality automation will do the rest!

    Operations Hub benefits

    • Integration with the Marketing, Sales, Service and CMS Hubs will bring your entire team together, obtaining a centralized view of customer data and turning operations into the great strategy of the company.
    • Native integration with Salesforce fully supported and easy to configure and use.
    • Over 600 custom integrations available on the Marketplace. Operations Hub integrations feature a new data sync engine, built on leading PieSync technology.
    • Non-native integrations using webhooks
    • HubSpot's customer support team will always be available to help you with any technical questions you may have. If you use Operations Hub Starter, you can receive support via chat and email, and if you have the Pro edition, you can also communicate by phone 24 hours a day.

    How can I combine it with the HubSpot Marketing / Sales Hub?

    As you most certainly know, HubSpot has the following modules available: Operations Hub, Service Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and CMS Hub. When you use two or more Hubs at the same time, the data is automatically connected on the platform, which allows you to more easily monitor the entire lifecycle of the contact, from the first visit to your website, until the closing, thus ensuring that you meet all their needs and expectations..

    With Operations Hub, you have the tools you need to connect all your apps, synchronize and organize contact data, and automate business processes, making operations the great strategy of your business.

    To resume, if your business is growing and you want to unify several operations teams within the marketing, sales and services groups, with the aim of forming a single team, the HubSpot Operations Hub is the right solution to take, since, currently, it's the most dynamic, complete and flexible operations software that allows you to integrate all your applications and synchronize important data to more efficiently and quickly manage your business processes within your company, thus driving more profitable and lasting results.

    If you have any questions about whether the Operations Hub is suitable for your business, or you want us to help you with the setup, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you!

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