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    mbudo, now a HubSpot Platinum Partner in Spain

    by MBudo Marketing Ideas

    mbudo marketing & ideas was born just 3 years and 8 months ago. Today, we are extremely proud to announce that mbudo is now a HubSpot Platinum Partner in Spain. This feat is a prime example of entrepreneurship since starting the agency from scratch in 2017. Out of hundreds of Marketing agencies in Spain, mbudo is one of a small, select group of Platinum Partners of Spanish origin, an incredible achievement for such a young agency.


    mbudo's journey to HubSpot Platinum Partner

    Our specialized Inbound Marketing agency based in Madrid, Spain is led by co-founders David Romero and Ana Botija. We established the agency in February 2017, quickly gaining clients in the B2B and technology sectors. In 2019, we achieved HubSpot Gold Partner status, and now, just a year later, we have achieved Platinum status. 

    “mbudo marketing & ideas is the perfect Partner to address nearly every customer need, due to their broad business experience across many sectors and technical projects, their senior leadership capabilities and most importantly, the expertise, knowledge and professionalism of their team. As their Channel Account Manager it is a real pleasure to work closely with David and the team. Their ability to roll up the sleeves and dive deep into each opportunity is a breath of fresh air! Always putting the customer and their solution first, it's no surprise that they have reached Platinum status at such speed. We are excited to see them reach Diamond over the coming year.” -

    HubSpot Principal Channel Account Manager, Caitriona O´Flaherty.

    Besides B2B and technology, mbudo's client portfolio features consumer services, manufacturing, and telecommunications companies, among others. Our team of native speakers in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French, allows us to adeptly able to serve clients in the EMEA and North and South America regions. We specialize in Inbound Marketing services including HubSpot and lifecycle implementation, automation, content marketing, and sales enablement. 

    Much of our success can be attributed to our team of dedicated and hard-working Inbound specialists, deep client relationships, strategy-forward approach, and knowledgeable leadership. With the continued support of our team, clients, and HubSpot, we can set our sights on achieving our next objective: to become HubSpot Diamond Partners in 2021. 


    What does it mean to be a HubSpot Platinum Partner?

    According to HubSpot, their Partner tiers are designed to acknowledge solutions partners who have executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards. They calculate the tier based on a combination of metrics including monthly recurring revenue, retention, software engagement, and inbound marketing success. Platinum is the third highest overall ranking and it attests to mbudo's continuous dedication to our clients, their success, and the HubSpot and Inbound Marketing ecosystem

    At mbudo, it is our mission to uphold ourselves to HubSpot high standards and to be constantly improving our skills and offerings to clients. It is also our mission to make sure our clients achieve their goals on and off the HubSpot platform. We are, first and foremost, an end-to-end agency that is committed to finding solutions to our clients' challenges.  


    What are the advantages of collaborating with a HubSpot Platinum Partner?

    • A brand you can trust: HubSpot literally invented Inbound Marketing, and thus they only associate themselves with the best agencies. Plus, HubSpot has rigorous standards for those who wish to become certified partner agencies (like mbudo). 
    • Deep knowledge of the HubSpot platform: It's our job to know everything about HubSpot. Whatever problem or doubt you have, we are there to clear it up. Discover a list of our team's HubSpot certifications. 
    • All-in-one Inbound services: mbudo provides all the Inbound Marketing services you can think of - from lifecycle definition and implementation to workflow automation - but we also provide additional services for sales, services, and more so you truly have an all-in-one partner. 
    • Much, much more: There's so much to add, we wrote another post about it! Discover more benefits of collaborating with a HubSpot Partner agency. 

    In everything we do, we put our clients first. We pride ourselves on forming deep, long-lasting relationships with clients, guiding them in their quest for growth and providing solutions to any challenges they might encounter. It's part of what we call "the mbudo method"For more information and testimonials, discover mbudo's partner profile on the HubSpot website. To get in touch with mbudo for your next project, don't hesitate to contact us

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