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    mbudo, new HubSpot Gold Partner in Madrid

    by MBudo Marketing Ideas

    mbudo, an Inbound Marketing agency in Spain, has achieved the HubSpot Gold Certification in record time!

    Madrid, 14 November, 2018 mbudo was established 1 February, 2017 with the aim of positioning ourselves as a reference in the world of Inbound Marketing for B2B and technology companies. 

    Just 18 months later, mbudo obtained the Gold Certification of HubSpot. According to HubSpot's own sources, mbudo was the fastest growing agency in Spain to reach this level of certification.

    mbudo, led by David Romero, a Marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in Management positions for both national and international companies (Sage, ONO, Altitude Software, among others), develops Inbound Marketing strategies for companies in Spain and abroad. 

    “Our goal is to help our clients, to be that "extra resource" in their teams, to help them complement and execute their Marketing Strategy. Being a HubSpot Gold Partner means recognition of our goal of an amazing client experience and excellent deliverables, as well as possibly getting more support from HubSpot", 

    - David Romero, Founder and Managing Director, mbudo

    Companies focused around cyber security, software management, service outsourcing, and telecommunications, among others, are the sectors that make up most of mbudo's client portfolio.

    mbudo is an example of entrepreneurship and job creation within Spain, developing strategies for Inbound Marketing, customer acquisition, and Loyalty Marketing. We work across Spain and those who want to expand throughout Europe and the United States.

    As of 2020, mbudo is a HubSpot Platinum Partner. 


    About mbudo

    mbudo is a Digital Marketing agency specialized in the design and implementation of Inbound Marketing strategies. Experts with extensive experience in the B2B ecosystem, mbudo also offers consulting and outsourcing services for start-ups and international companies that want to establish themselves in the Iberian Peninsula. Discover here the mbudo method and the 5 essentials for your Marketing project. 


    About HubSpot

    HubSpot is an end-to-end Inbound Marketing platform to manage everything associated with Marketing, Sales, Services, and CRM. mbudo is a HubSpot Partner Agency. Discover why mbudo has chosen HubSpot as their trusted Marketing platform in this blog post



    mbudo is now a HubSpot Platinum Partner in Spain. 

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