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    [Infographic] What is Inbound Marketing?

    by Kenia Pinela Pérez

    This infographic will take you on a journey through the essential aspects that you need to know about Inbound Marketing. We visually and schematically explain "what is Inbound Marketing" all the way to the "procedure" used to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy.

    Inbound Marketing is a digital strategy that you should keep in mind for your business


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    Inbound Marketing

    Kenia Pinela Pérez

    Kenia Pinela Pérez

    Kenia is a designer at mbudo, but also spends her free time doing design work because she is restless and creative. Nowadays, she enjoys doing lettering and cross-stitch. She grew up between her grandfather's printing machines so it can be said that this profession runs in her blood.