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    HubSpot vs WordPress: which CMS is better?

    by Leo Fornasari

    Did you know that by 2026 the Global CMS Market is expected to reach around 123.500 Million USD?

    Whether you are starting a company or you already have started one, the need of a  CMS (Content Management System) to boost your online presence in a sustainable way is more important than ever, and choosing the right one can create real solid opportunities for your business.

    Most certainly, you already heard about WordPress, this being the most popular CMS in the Market holding 61.9% of the total shares. But is that a sufficient reason to make your choice?

    Well, in this post we are going to help you make your choice by discussing and comparing both: HubSpot & WordPress, hoping that by the end of it you’ll be able to choose the most compelling one for your business…


    About HubSpot CMS


    If you are a startup and you never used a CMS before, HubSpot Starter can be very helpful for the building and optimization of your website, you’ll be able to personalize website pages for every visitor and optimize conversions across every device. Furthermore, HubSpot also offers the Pro and Enterprise plans.

    The first one (Pro) is the most demanded plan from HubSpot business, if your company already has a contact list, leads, and clients to relate to then this is the best option for you.

    The Enterprise plan is mostly used by big organizations that operate in different countries and manage a high volume of marketing contacts all around the world; they have a lot of data to process, different languages to manage, currencies, and teams.


    Here are some of the features available in the Starter plan:

    • SEO Recommendations: Thanks to this feature you’ll easily see how to improve your site, take action to position your business higher in SERPs all within one platform totally centered on UX.
    • Website Themes: With this feature you’ll be able to choose the right custom theme for all your pages and free templates, building a cohesive website without worrying about mismatched designs, logos or navigations.
    • Fully Integrated CRM: That’s right! With the HS Starter plan you’ll have access to a fully integrated CRM, which will allow you to truly leverage, inbound in order to attract, engage and delight leads. With it, you’ll be able to track every visitor from your site in one place and create personalized digital experiences by tracking emails and deals, schedule meetings, use chat functions, view reporting dashboards, etc. With this Function, your website will become the growth engine for your business!
    • Drag and Drop editor: With this feature, you’ll be able to update and create pages thanks to the most easy-to-use functions without the need of a developer or a custom code.
    • Adaptive testing: With this feature, you’ll be able to continuously optimize your website with ease, you’ll be offered up to 5 variations of a page and the software will serve up the best performing option.
    • Contact attribution reporting: Last but not least, thanks to this feature you’ll be able to analyze the impact of your website and optimize your strategy by recognizing which contents, sources, and campaigns are driving the most leads, which ones would need to be changed or removed.


    Moreover, the platform takes care of maintenance by itself, includes 24/7 security monitoring and a web application firewall. Finally, in case you’ll need to migrate your website or re-design it you’ll be happy to hear that HS counts with more than 2000 partners and providers like mbudo, who offer website migration & designing services globally.


    About WordPress

    As previously mentioned, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, it started in 2003 as a simple blogging platform and they have been adding features over time to evolve into a CMS with thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes.

    It can be a good fit for low budgets as you can get started with a WordPress site hosting for around 100 USD.

    Possibly the main reason why many companies decide to create their website with WordPress is that this platform allows you to create professional pages with very little effort. 

    Its learning curve is very simple, so that setting up a static website to promote your products or services will not cost you too much even if you have never worked with a similar technology.

    hubspot-cms-vs-wordpressOn the other hand, WordPress allows you to have your page ready in a very short time, so it is ideal if you want to launch your project as soon as possible. In addition, the large number of tools available for this platform will help you customize your website to a great extent, so you can create almost any type of content page very easily.

    Finally, another great advantage of WordPress to create your business website is that with this technology maintenance is very easy to perform.

    So far so good you’d say, but here are some issues about it:

    • WordPress is an open-source: Which means that thousands of independent developers are able to work it, being able to modify it or customize it. This makes it so much more difficult to work with in the way that there are too many hands in the pot varying the quality and continuously implementing updates which if you miss can cause several damages to your website as for example, broken links.
    • Wordpress wasn’t build with Inbound Marketing in mind in the first place, yes, they have been implementing features since their creation in 2003 but they never really catch up to the functionality of HubSpot all-in-one, CRM-powered platform.
    • Its basics include content creation tools but require plugins for additional functionalities like sitemaps, SEO, or analytics, which are all included within the same platform in HubSpot.
    • WordPress is very vulnerable to hacking: The main issue with plugins is that they expose your website to security issues, with such large footprint and most infinite number of open-source plugins that make it easier for hackers to attack your website.
    • At an early stage, it can seem that WordPress is cheaper than HubSpot, the problem is that there are hidden costs along the way: features like security hosting, plugins and regular maintenance to ensure your site is not being compromised can add up quicker than you expect and should be taking into account when choosing your CMS platform.


    As you can see a certain amount of consideration needs to be done before making the decision. Depending on your business needs and available investment resources the choice between one alternative or the other will depend mainly on your specifics. That being said, for those who want a more hands-on approach to site building and maintenance, CMS Hub is a great option. It comes with everything you need to create a website, build brand awareness, and monitor its success.

    Plus, you never have to look for additional software to help you reach your goals and the team behind the CMS is available 24/7 to help you.

    At mbudo, we can help you make the right choice and deliver all the information necessary based on your business needs and objectives, do not hesitate in contacting us!

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    Leo Fornasari

    Leo Fornasari

    Leo is a graduated student on Business Management collaborating with mbudo on Inbound content and campaigns. He learns more about Inbound each day by gaining more HubSpot certifications. Leo is passionate about different cultures and he prides himself on his language skills, which are important for foreign business relations.