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    How to create Marketing Attribution Reports in HubSpot

    by Leo Fornasari

    One of the many concerns for Marketers in this New Year to come is also related to one of the main Marketing trends, which is the rising complexity of the Buyer’s Journey.

    We have more and more touch-points to help us engage with our audience but it’s becoming always more difficult to identify which channels are generating leads and customers. Not only that, but we also need to understand the meaning behind these conversions and with a Buyer’s Journey far from linear this can result on a big challenge for all of us marketers.


    So, how can you identify those channels? How can you measure your marketing and sales efforts? How can you value the impact of your strategy?

    Well, in this article we are going to help you answer all these questions by presenting you the HubSpot Marketing Attribution Report tool.


    What does Marketing Attribution mean?

    It basically is a reporting tool that enables marketers to understand the impact of a specific strategy towards a desired goal, usually related to a purchase, sale or marketing action.

    HubSpot defines it as: “ Attribution surfaces which interactions a person or a group of people took along their Journey toward a desired outcome or conversion point”.

    By using it you’ll be able to identify which channels and content are helping you meet your marketing/sales goals. It will also measure and assign value to all the interactions a contact had in a specific moment within his journey, therefore you’ll be able to use that information to make better–driven decisions about where to invest your time and resources.


    Example: Let’s say your sales department wants to see which kind of efforts or sales engagements are driving the most revenue. By using a specific attribution report they’ll be able to identify it and assign a real financial value to these efforts.

    Sounds pretty useful right? Now let’s see what kind of Attribution Reports you may need.


    HubSpot multi–touch attribution report

    This kind of report evaluates two different types of attributions depending on your goals:

    1. Contact create: This one is related to your marketing operations, it will tell you in which stage of the Buyer’s Journey your contacts find themselves in your CRM since the moment they were created.
    2. Revenue Attribution: This one is related to your sales operations, it will measure your contact’s journey up to the moment they become customers.

    • Lead Attribution report

    This report will help you understand how well your marketing campaigns are performing by showing you the number of leads generated.

    • B2B Marketing Attribution

    This one is related to bigger purchasing/sales from other companies, memberships or leads. Now you should ask yourself:


    Which attribution report should I be using for my business?

    The first thing to have in mind is what goal are you trying to reach? Is it Marketing or Sales related?

    • Marketing-related: if it’s marketing-related you’ll most certainly use the contact attribution reports to measure your efforts and identify the interactions up to the moment the contact or lead was created in your CRM.

    Moreover, you’ll be able to see which blog post, landing, social media, or ads are generating the most leads.

    • Revenue Related: In this case, you’ll want to use the revenue attribution report to measure which sales efforts are generating the most revenue, with this report you’ll be accounting for every interaction a contact had with your business up to the moment they became a customer.


    How to create Attribution Reports on HubSpot

    Now, let’s see how to create your attribution reports on HubSpot. To create a report, in this case, Deal Attribution: 

    1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Reports > Reports.
    2. In the upper right, click Create custom report.
    3. In the left panel, select Attribution.
    4. Select Deal create, then click Next in the top right.
    5. Click the edit pencil icon to name your report.
    6. In the left panel, use the Explore tab to learn about the different types of reports you can create using deal attribution. Next to each type of report, click View to view a sample report. When viewing a sample report, the Configure tab will automatically update to produce the report.

    Once you’ve done that you’ll be able t configure + Add reports filter + Select Data + Attribution models + and finally, Save your report.

    *For more detailed information on how to create your Attribution Report, please visit HubSpot Webpage instructions.


    As you can see, HubSpot offers a great deal of Attribution Reports to help your Business better implement its Marketing and Sales strategies, recognize which ones are more valuable for your business and help you grow in a sustainable and perdurable way.

    If you wish to have more information about that subject or are trying to reach HubSpot’s partner Agency to help you manage your Marketing and Sales materials, or your Inbound Marketing strategy, do not hesitate in contacting us! We’ll be glad to help you.

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    Leo Fornasari

    Leo Fornasari

    Leo is a graduated student on Business Management collaborating with mbudo on Inbound content and campaigns. He learns more about Inbound each day by gaining more HubSpot certifications. Leo is passionate about different cultures and he prides himself on his language skills, which are important for foreign business relations.