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    How to convince my sales team to use a CRM?

    by Catarina C. Duarte

    “John is a Sales director that manages a team of 15 people, divided into 3 teams of different areas. He has been having some difficulties in getting his team to use the current CRM, it is complex, confusing in the information to be inserted and is very time consuming. It’s not intuitive, so he is struggling to motivate his team to use it as a work tool."

    This is often the initial scenario we come across, in first conversations with potential customers. It is in fact the reality of many organizations and is often one of the reasons that prevents them from growing in a sustained and integrated way.

    65% of sales professionals use a CRM, and 97% consider sales technology "very important" or "important" (LinkedIn, 2020)

    With a CRM you can have all your information stored, centralized and easily accessible, which is important for managing any sales team. It can easily become a competitive advantage because it will have direct impact on lead management and on the relationship experience with current customers. You will have a complete view over each activity and interaction with your customers and prospects. You will be able to build accurate, real-time reports to support decision making.

    Hubspot Sales Hub provides a clear answer to John’s concerns. Why?


    Sales teams are or should be, as a rule, totally oriented to results and in consolidating the growth of their network. Administrative tasks are for sure at the bottom of their priority list. There is a natural resistance to this type of tasks.

    John’s priority, therefore, will be to convince his team that using a CRM is far from being a waste of time and that it will add value to their daily activities and leverage the results they can achieve.

    O Hubspot Sales Hub is an intuitive tool that allows you to accelerate the closing of opportunities, strengthen relationships with customers and prospects and perform a more realistic, reliable, and agile pipeline management.

    Let's look at some arguments:

    • For the user (sales team)

      • Easy to use and intuitive - the design is simple, easy to understand and access. The visual component is consistent throughout the platform.

      • Easily customizable - you can customize your views according to your taste and needs, making it easy to access and fill in information.

      • Integration with email application - by connecting your email inbox you can choose to automatically log emails to your contacts - getting a centralized and easy to access historical record.

      • Available link for scheduling meetings - you can create a shared link, which will give your contacts access to your calendar allowing you to schedule meetings quickly.

      • Available on a mobile app - available for Android and IOS, you can easily install it on your smartphone and have access to all the information you need for your daily activity. For example, if you make calls to your contacts from the app, they will be automatically registered in the CRM.

    • For the administrator / person responsible for the CRM:

      • Allows integration with multiple data sources - you can import data directly from existing files (XLS, csv) or via API.

      • Integrates with other applications - you can integrate third-party applications with Hubspot using the Marketplace, que conta com milhares de aplicações disponíveis. Se necessário, pode recorrer a uma API.

      • Can manage permission levels and information viewing - define what information each user has access to and whether they can edit or view only.

      • Can customize and create the necessary fields (properties) adapted to the company's business.

      • Can create different pipelines by business area, product, region - you can group opportunities (Deals) making it easier to access, manage permissions and create reports.

      • Can create automations to speed up and simplify the sales process

      • Independent from IT - will depend on the size, complexity, and structure of your organization, but it is possible to perform the implementation and needed maintenance without practically requiring IT intervention.

    These are some of the arguments that you can use to motivate your team if you choose Hubspot CRM.

    If your organization already uses Hubspot for Marketing, adding the sales team on the same platform will be an excellent option. You will be able to align the two areas and have a single view of each customer and prospect - all in a single platform. You will be able to monitor the entire lifecycle of a contact, from the moment it comes in as a lead until it becomes a customer. You'll also get richer reports with more interesting insights for managing your business.

    If you are just starting out and looking for a CRM that will allow you to scale as you grow, Hubspot is a great option. If you are looking for more information on how to simplify your sales processes don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

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    Catarina C. Duarte

    Catarina C. Duarte

    Experience marketer with focus on internacional B2B and IT companies. HAs been working with Hubspot for almost 10 years, has strong knowledge of Inbound Marketing having implemented several projects. Curious by nature she can't live without a good laugh! Proud mother of two beautiful boys!