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    3 Learnings from Day 3 at the HubSpot INBOUND Marketing Event

    by MBudo Marketing Ideas

    Wow! We can't believe we have survived the hustle and excitement of the past few days at INBOUND 2019!

    It truly is the experience of a lifetime for agencies like ours because of all the world-class speakers and expert information they have shared with us. And of course, info on the HubSpot Inbound Marketing platform. 

    Now we want to share that knowledge with you. Discover our Top 3 Learnings of the day:


    Learning 1: Don't be embarrassed to be a beginner

    learning to ride a bike is like learning about new marketing tacticsWe decided to attend a session by legendary American journalist, Katie Couric, moderated by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Sacha Pfeiffer. One of the things that Katie said has made her successful in her career is "being curious about everything". She also stressed that when things are changing, it's okay not to understand something; you just have to make sure that you're taking steps to try to understand.

    As Marketing experts, we're often expected to know everything - even as things are changing from one day to the next. But Katie emphasized that be shouldn't be embarrassed to be a beginner; the bigger mistake would be to not to be learning or evolving at all!


    Learning 2: Good conversations are about how you make people feel

    The next thing on our agenda was Connor Cirillo's speech on great conversations. As any Marketer knows, content is at the core of Marketing and conversations are at the core of content. In creating good conversations that people will remember, he told us to think about Grice's 4 Maxims of Cooperation:

    1. conversations are important for chatbots and marketingSay enough - give customers something to respond to
    2. Say the truth - don't lie to customers or it will break the bond of trust between you
    3. Say what's relevant - when you know more about your customers or audience, you can build content around a certain context and make it more relevant and useful to them
    4. Say only what you need - here, he suggested the 3:1 ratio, which is say three things maximum before asking a customer for information or a message in return.

    With things like chatbots at the forefront of the Marketing world, these tips will be of great help for all companies... including ours!


    Learning 3: Tips and tricks for Landing Pages

    We ended the day at a session about Landing Pages. The speaker stressed that although we think of Landing Pages as their own island, they should actually be integrated into the overall website and content strategy instead of as stand-alone pieces. 

    He also talked in-depth about the biases everyone has and ways to overcome them. The top 6 most important biases are: 

    1. Confirmation Bias - people are always seeking to reinforce their beliefs
    2. Paradox of Choice - too much choice is actually a bad thing
    3. Anchoring Effect - putting high priced items next to lower priced items makes it seem like a better deal or discount
    4. Status Quo Bias - people don't want things to change and are always resistant to changes (even good ones)
    5. Sunk Cost Fallacy - the more time someone invests/wastes time in something, the more likely they are to want to stick with it
    6. Hyperbolic Discounting - most people will choose instant gratification, even if there is a lower payout

    These biases are something we should be aware of in ourselves and our customers when designing Landing Pages and every piece of Marketing content. Being aware of the challenges and opportunities always makes us better Marketers!


    With just one more day of the HubSpot INBOUND Marketing Event 2019, we've already absorbed so make key takeaways that are applicable to our business and clients. That's what most important, after all!

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