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    Comparison of HubSpot vs. Wordpress for Content Marketing

    by Mary Swick

    When you're carrying out an Inbound Marketing strategy, creating and growing your blog is a vital part of that strategy. Its main function is to attract traffic to your website to convert visitors into potential customers. And if you structure your content correctly and always optimize for SEO, your content will soon be found at the top of search engines!

    With this in mind, choosing the right platform is important. In this post, we give you a comparison of HubSpot vs. Wordpress, which platform we recommend choosing, and the reasons behind this decision:


    HubSpot is, without a doubt, the most complete platform for doing Content Marketing and Marketing Automation, which has led it to become number one for Inbound Marketing. The HubSpot platforms allows you to do everything related to your CRM, the development of landing pages, email marketing campaigns, etc. But, what else can it offer for your content marketing?

    hubspot vs wordpress
    • SEO benefits: While other platforms such as Wordpress don't have advanced SEO tools widely available, HubSpot does. This allows you to carry out all your research without leaving the platform. In addition, all the content that comes from HubSpot is processed faster than other platforms' content and Google places it in higher in search rankings.
    • Smart content: HubSpot has the ability to show content only to people who have shown an interest in the products or services your company offers. You can also easily adapt content to the different phases of the Marketing funnel. For example, if your company sells fishing gear, you can show content only to people who have shown an interest in fishing rods, as opposed to tackle boxes.
    • Accurate analysis: This is going to let you know which pieces of content are attracting visitors, allowing you to optimize your best content and revise your low-performing content. But there's more - HubSpot will automatically inform on the actions you can take to improve the traffic on your website.  In addition, you will be able to track organic traffic, click rates, new contacts, etc.
    • Responsive design: Today, the need for our website and blog to be seen from any device is absolutely key. HubSpot is able to automatically adapt your content to different devices.


    Introducing the new CMS Hub!

    While the blog and web platform is normally a feature of the HubSpot Marketing Hub, with the brand-new CMS Hub, you’ll have access to all of the tools that are useful for managing your website and HubSpot blogging. Below, we highlight some of the coolest features:

    • Content Creation tools and management: Create your website, blog and landing pages with SEO optimization, forms, CTAs, smart content, dynamic content, multi-language content, etc. There is nothing left out of this all-in-one package.
    • Import/Export: Import your blog from a different platform, and export your website for a security copy.
    • Website themes: Use pre-built themes or let your developer create one. Either way, it is so easy to use that you won’t need your tech support to help you at every turn.
    • Content staging: A safe staging area to redesign and relaunch web pages.
    • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN): Hosted by data centers around the globe, this ensures high levels of traffic and no downtime for visitors.
    • Advanced Menus: A central place to update your navigation and implement changes across your site.

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    Source: HubSpot


    Who doesn't know Wordpress? Its one of the most-used platforms for generating websites and blogs, with use by notable companies such as Sony, NBC etc. The benefits it offers that have caused it to become such a widely-used platform include:

    • It offers basic services for free: If your company is at the beginning of its journey or if you have few resources, Wordpress is a good platform to generate content for free. However, although many free design themes are offered, you may need to purchase a theme if you want your blog or website to stand out from the rest.hubspot vs wordpress
    • It can be viewed correctly from any device: Now your visitors will be able to see the content of your website from any device and thus rank higher in Google.
    • Wordpress community: The global Wordpress network will offer you support and help whenever you need it. This community is also responsible for making the necessary font changes to keep the platform updated.
    • The simplicity: Wordpress has a simple design, which allows the web to load quite quickly. Your visitors will be able to access content sooner, since even single second more of waiting can mean a great change in visitors attitudes and intentions.


    HubSpot Vs. Wordpress

    Once you get to know both platforms, you can see that they have many things in common but also many differences, so which one should you choose?

    When we talk about prices, Wordpress may be the more attractive option since its use and installation is free; however if we're look at an all-in-one platform, this changes and HubSpot would be the better option. 

    If we focus on Search Engine Optimization, both platforms are SEO-friendly. However, if we delve deeper into the topic, HubSpot offers a more complete SEO and Content Strategy tool, while Wordpress tends to be more difficult for people who do not have experience in this field. 

    If you are one of the many people who have always used Wordpress and you are reluctant to make the switch for your business, remember that HubSpot allows you to easily migrate your blog or website, and they make sure that the process doesn't affect your live web or visitors. 

    The ease of use that HubSpot offers with respect to Wordpress is also an important point to highlight. Its design is so intuitive that there is no difficulty, even for novices. In addition, it also allows you to generate an entire Marketing strategy around your blog and web, incorporating CTAs, email nurturing, and even sales and customer services processes. 

    When comparing HubSpot vs. Wordpress and adding up all of the different features, our final conclusion is that Wordpress is good for an independent blog or website, not heavily incorporated into the overall Marketing strategy, while HubSpot offers an all-in-one platform for that's unbeatable for Content Marketing and your entire strategy. 


    Don't hesitate to contact mbudo if you would like to learn more about these two platforms, need help migrating your web/blog to HubSpot, or anything else related to Inbound Marketing. mbudo is a HubSpot Partner Agency and we are always happy to assist you!

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