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    9 new HubSpot features and usage examples

    by Alejandro Reviriego de la Torre

    Year after year HubSpot incorporates new features with the aim of offering something much more than a software, a tool with which to grow and develop your business.  

    One of the main problems detected by HubSpot is the disconnection of people after the pandemic and, consequently, the "disconnected customer"

    This year, with the new functionalities introduced in the CMS Hub from the free version, the new WhatsApp integration, or new functionalities in the CRM, HubSpot faces this problem. 


    Now more than ever, your customers need a connection that is authentic, real and delivers value. And that's exactly what the following HubSpot innovations are all about: 

    1. WhatsApp integration

    To connect with your customers more effectively, your team must be able to communicate with them in an easy and intuitive way.  

    This integration (in Beta version) with the instant messaging platform WhatsApp (which gathers more than two million users worldwide) becomes one of the best ways to connect with your prospects or customers.

    Your teams will be able to connect a WhatsApp business account as a messaging channel in the shared inbox and communicate with prospects and customers.  

    This new HubSpot feature allows both business-initiated and contact-initiated conversations (it will support video and images) to be visible in the contact record. 

    Once available, it will be open to all Service Hub and Marketing Hub customers in their Pro and Enterprise accounts. 



    2. Inbound Calls

    You can already provide your sales team with unique phone numbers that can be used to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls directly on their phone, without exposing their home number. 

    But there is even better functionality; record, transcribe and deliver based on the content of these calls with live transcription in the CRM (currently available in the US, UK, and Canada). 

    Inbound calls are now live and available to all Service Hub and Sales Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise customers.

    inbound call-2


    3. New CMS functionalities

    One of the goals of HubSpot's new features is to take customization to the next level.

    The platform has implemented new features in its CMS tools that will allow you to take your website design to a professional level without the need for programming or web development. From the CMS Hub Starter Plan you can enjoy an advanced CMS tool.

    Creating your website on HubSpot allows you to have a safe, attractive and secure platform, now with a much more attractive look and feel for free. 

    CMS tools are available to all HubSpot customers in both free and paid versions. sitepages-zero-state



    4. Campañas 2.0

    Having your marketing campaigns in HubSpot makes management easier and allows the whole team to be aligned to optimize their performance.



    HubSpot has introduced a number of exciting enhancements that make day-to-day marketing campaign management easier:

    • Performance comparison of two or more campaigns against each other. 
    • Registration forms are included as a measurable asset within a campaign. 
    • Greatly improved information about how each of our contacts has been included.
    • The ability to view revenue attribution and lead attribution directly from campaigns is included.
    • Allows adding ad-hoc numerical information in the creation of reports.

     This functionality is now available to all Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers. 


    5. Ad conversion events

    In recent years, customers have become aware of how much data they are unwittingly giving up over the Internet. This has led them to be more cautious, making it more difficult to build an initial relationship with them. 

    HubSpot, with user privacy in mind, respects that your customers expect more from you than ads based on third-party data. They want to see a real effort on your part to connect with them. 

    With HubSpot's ad conversion events, you'll be able to give your hyper-targeted ads a boost on major networks.  

    By the end of this year, if you're a HubSpot customer, you'll be able to fully leverage their data to target your efforts, get reporting and be able to optimize your campaigns in a cookie-free, privacy-first world

    Available to users with Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts.

    6. Improvements in the quotation and collection process

    The process from quotation to pay for many B2B companies' services takes place on different platforms that are often disconnected from each other. In fact, B2B SMBs use an average of five or more platforms to convert a lead into a customer. 

    HubSpot's quote-to-cash solutions allow less time and resources to be spent linking data across platforms. 

    With native quote-to-cash functionality in HubSpot and the ability to integrate with various accounting software (such as Quickbooks Online), the entire process can be streamlined to enable faster payment receipt.  

    This functionality is available for all Operations Hub customers, including free and Starter. 

    create qbo invoice from payment object workflow

    7. Property validation

    We know that reviewing and managing the data that users enter in the CRM can be a slow and tedious process, so HubSpot has developed the Property Validation feature. 

    Thanks to this new functionality, you can create and apply rules for those properties that generate the most data inconsistency, and dictate what users can and cannot save as a property.  This way, your database will be more accurate and you will be able to make better business decisions. 

    This functionality is in public beta and available to both free and paid Operations Hub customers.

    Property Validation

    8. Data quality automation recommendations 

    Small formatting problems often cause headaches for different areas of the company that require time and dedication. 

    With the new data quality automation recommendations feature, the system uses artificial intelligence to suggest rules to help correct these small formatting differences within your CRM (e.g. capitalization, spaces...). 

    All you have to do is configure these rules, and your database will be automatically updated, making it easier for all your teams to work. 

    This new feature is available for Operations Hub Professional and Enterprise users in the Beta version.


    Automation Recommendations

    9. Improved synchronization for data cleaning

    Avoid integration issues and keep your team alert to integration problems with sync health.  

    Sync health makes it easy for you to understand and diagnose issues that may arise from the HubSpot integration process

    This functionality is available for all Operations Hub clients, including free and Starter. 

    Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 2.02.00 PM


    As you can see, the new features that HubSpot presents will allow you to get the most out of the platform to connect effectively with your prospects and customers.  

    If you need more information do not hesitate to contact mbudo, we are a HubSpot Diamond partner with experience in HubSpot project management and advanced integrations.


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    Alejandro Reviriego de la Torre

    Alejandro Reviriego de la Torre

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