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    5 graphic design trends for 2020

    by Kenia Pinela

    In the super-informed and over-saturated world of advertising, companies have their hard work set our for them when they have to capture a viewer's attention and convert them into a customer.

    New technologies haven't really helped in this respect; in fact, they have facilitated the constant over-stimulation and have actually made the our eyes become accustomed to over-advertising. Publicity goes more unnoticed now than ever before. 

    That's why, in recent years, companies are increasingly investing in design and rebranding to make a difference in their communications and to attract the attention of the consumer in a smarter way.

    The new year is just around the corner! To help you optimize your upcoming campaigns and projects, we give you 5 of the greatest graphic design trends for 2020:


    1. Bright and vibrant colors

    graphic design trends for 2020 will feature vibrant brightly colorsEveryone agrees that the first impression always lasts the longest. Color is one of the first elements that we notice and it increases the chances of a message being received and read.

    For the year 2020, the trend will be bright and vibrant colors. Colors that are hypnotic and immersive.  Colors that allow the viewer to enter a fantastic, new world and be swept up by the message. (image resource)



    2. Typography as the protagonist

    typography is a new graphic design trends for 2020

    Brutalism is a trend that has come to stay. Grotesk typefaces are occupying entire spaces, making us at the same time overwhelmed and intrigued. 

    Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it that is truly important. The words, or rather, the letters, have never been as much of a protagonist as they are now. They have gained an aesthetic character that helps the message not only to be read for its content, but also to be remembered for its form. (image source)


    3. Asymmetric composition

    asymmetry is the big thing for 2020 design trendsThe rules and conventions of old have been completely broken; we don't know this will last forever, but disruptive designs are increasingly popular. The divorce of focal points and pre-established forms is evident.

    In a world where viewers are more and more passive, the rise of asymmetry allows viewers to become active players and make their own interpretation of what they see and perceive, thus involving them in our communication efforts. (image source)


    4. Simplicity

    simplicity and a clear message can do wonders for your design trends in 2020The famous phrase of minimalism from Mies Van der Roeh "Less is more" uttered in 1947 will be equally valid in 2020.

    Ornate designs with lots of information must be kept at bay. In the age of instant gratification, readers demand immediate satisfaction. Our messages must be clear, concise, and expressed in the least number of words possible. This helps with rapid response and action on their part. (image source)

    5. Animations and gifs

    animations and gifs are the biggest graphic design trends for 2020

    Static designs are still very useful to some extent, but the rise of video can't be denied. 

    However, you don't have to make a long video to do video marketing right. In this coming year, small animations and gifs are the key to greater dynamism in your websites and posts.

    These movement-based designs are able to offer more information in the same space as an image. They tend to generate more engagement because they are more attractive and help to maintain the viewer's attention. (image source)


    If you don't like these design trends, you're out of luck because you're going to be seeing them everywhere in 2020. If some of these graphic design trends for 2020 suit your needs, don't hesitate to put them into practice in your Marketing and Communications strategy for next year. As always, mbudo is here to help you with any Marketing and Design need you may have. Contact us!

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    Kenia Pinela

    Kenia Pinela

    Kenia is a designer in and out of the office, she simply can't stop being creative! She is passionate about Inbound Marketing philosophy and how to apply it to content creation. Kenia grew up around her grandpa's printing press, so you could say this career through her veins.