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    5 of the Best Landing Page Examples for Inbound Marketing

    by Ana Botija Loaísa

    We know that the main objective of a Landing Page is to capture the attention of our audience, offer them valuable content, and to get them to advance in the "Buyer's Journey" we have defined.

    But beware! A landing page in Inbound Marketing is not just a digital showcase to display our product.

    It must also offer different content depending on the visitor's exact point in their Buyer's Journey. The content should always be informative, valuable content that convinces our potential customer that we are a good partner or a reliable brand.

    Through a landing page you can offer different types of content like ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, webinars, etc.



    Through a landing page you can promote a webinar oriented at the audience that interests you. You will capture numerous contacts that will have a good image of your brand if webinar content is sufficiently interesting. 

    You can then send these contacts a "Thanks for Attending" email and later on ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, where they'll get quality information periodically.

    We can see how a landing page can help us capture the interest of the audience that interests us most.


    It sounds like a dream for Marketers, but it is not always that easy. Preparing a really attractive Landing Page requires methodology and planning. You should test different versions of your landing pages before opting for the definitive Landing in order to get a good conversion rate.

    According to WordStream data, the average conversion ratio (CVR) for a landing page is 2.35%, reaching 5.31% on average for the top 25.

    We can work on the optimization of our Landings to improve the conversion ratio, but it is always good to seek inspiration in what we know works. That's why we want to highlight the best Landing Page examples from different sectors that have caught our attention:


    1. Codecademy

    landing pages examples codecadamy



    • The simplicity of the page, conveying a sense of ease, even when the product itself is complex.
    • The form only requires email and password, you can even register through your social media accounts.
    • For visitors who need more information, the landing page also offers an informative video, testimonials, etc.


    • A common practice is to create landing pages where the web menu is visible. It is not advisable since they "distract" the user from the real focus, in this case, the registration.


    2. Slack

    landing page examples slack



    • Vivid colors perfectly convey the brand image of Slack.
    • The claim is direct and invites you to register.
    • The form is short, only an email field, which makes the process very fast.
    • On the registration button we clearly see that it is a free product.


    • We are missing more information about the product. Slack is taking for granted that the visitor already knows the tool, but may lose potential users due to lack of information.


    3. Artsy

    landing page examples artsy



    • The form requests relevant information. Given that registration allows access to a webinar, it makes sense to have a longer form. Depending on what you offer in return, you can ask for more or less information.
    • The title of the form is very important. In this case, "Access the webinar recording" - it detail exactly what happens if you fill out the form. The "Access now" button is also direct and invites you to continue.


    • It is important to keep in mind who our audience is throughout the design process of a Landing Page. In this case the target is art galleries. Perhaps a modern design would be more impactful.


    4. Hubspot + Canva

    landing page examples hubspot and canva



    • The positive message of the title, "How To", is clearly communicating to us the benefit of completing the form.
    • The landing structure makes it easily readable: heading, subheading, body and form.
    • The image serves as a visual representation of what the Landing offers us, illustratively showing what we will get in return.


    • In this case, the required information seems somewhat disproportionate to the e-book that the landing page offers in return.


    5. Zespri


    Landing page examples zespri



    • The design conveys the feel of vitality associated with the brand.
    • The form is short and invites you to register.
    • The message is direct: completing the form will "Feed your vitality" (Alimenta tu Vitalidad). 


    • Highlight more visually what we get in exchange for completing the form.
    • On the "Send" (Enviar) button we are losing focus. What are we sending? It would be more effective to know what we receive in return. "Download Now" would be perfect.

    In short, we see that there is no single script for creating the perfect Landing Page. Its operation will depend on many factors and you will probably have to modify and try to optimize repeatedly.


    Best Practices:

    • Simplify to the fullest. The Landings that best convert are always those that reflect at a first glance what we want to communicate.
    • Use short forms. Remember, the more information you request, the more value you have to offer in return.
    • Pay attention to design. In many occasions, a Landing is the first impact that we have on our audience. It has to perfectly reflect our brand image and arouse enough interest to achieve registrations and finally customers.


    If you need more information on how to create your own Landing Pages, don't miss this post. If you want to better prepare your Marketing Strategy, do not hesitate to contact mbudo.

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    Ana Botija Loaísa

    Ana Botija Loaísa

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