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    Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs of 2022

    by Bianca Alves

    SEO, SEM, analytics, algorithms, engagement, strategies... We live in an ever-changing Digital Marketing environment. With so much to keep track of, staying up-to-date on the latest Marketing tips and tricks can be challenging for everyone who works in the industry, even the most acquainted professionals.

    You may already know about many of the most promising marketing trends for 2022. However, every true professional must recognise that even the most popular strategies are not always a point-and-shoot. You must experiment, analyse and optimise! And of course, always keep reading and learning! 

    That is why we prepared a list of the top digital marketing blogs of the year. Check it out!

    1. HubSpot

    Do we have to explain why HubSpot blog is at the top of our list? It’s a no-brainer. From marketing-for-dummies to refined expert tips, the CRM company provides us with new ideas, case studies and templates, making our lives much easier.

    Although the page is dedicated to inbound marketing, you can also find advice on leadership, customer experience, market research, and sales prospecting.

    If you’re not very familiar with English, the blog is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Japanese! For the ones who want to take a deep dive, the resources window of the blog gives you access to a complete list of ebooks and the HubSpot Academy, the place to get your inbound marketing certifications up to date!

    10 Top Digital Marketing Blogs in 2022

    2. Digital Marketer

    All industries have a community. And Digital Marketer might be the leader when it comes to marketing. You can find content in different formats, from texts to the most clarifying videos. The good news is that the articles are always written by professionals from different industries – a good source of inspiration for us all!

    If you aren’t from the marketing field, the blog also provides tips on hiring content creators, writers, and experts to boost your company’s results or even start from zero.

    3. Ann Handley

    Marketing pioneer, speaker and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Ann Handley’s blog is a must for all copywriters. Whenever you feel stuck, you can check out ways to unclog your copies, organise a writing routine and set free the creative author inside you!

    The articles are written in a fun way, spiced with a sprinkle of sarcasm – the funny bits we all love!

    4. Search Engine Land

    Google’s search engine is living proof that one day you can be at the top… But don’t take it for granted! Keeping up with the algorithm sometimes feels like running a never-ending marathon!

    Search Engine Land blog is here to help. From paid to organic, you can learn how to improve your website’s ranking in Google, optimise your KPIs and even how to create top performance ads campaigns.

    10 Top Digital Marketing Blogs in 2022

    5. Copyblogger

    Copyblogger is the place to build up your copywriter skills and understand how to drive traffic to your website while boosting lead generation. You can find articles that go from simple “quick editing tips” to “how to be a copywriter”, all the content marketing writing tips you can dream of!

    Even though it may seem intended only for writers, any marketer should pay close attention to this page. It is a great lesson for us to boost sales through Content Marketing - something all inbound professionals must be aiming for!

    top digital marketing blogs

    6. Content Marketing Institute

    The Content Marketing Institute was founded back in 2011. Since then, it has been spilling some juicy secrets on how content marketing can help your brand. From paid to organic, you can dive into articles, research, guides and even audio shows that will turn you into an inbound expert!

    If you are willing to get back to school, there’s the Content Marketing University, a hub that offers online courses, master classes and trainings.

    7. SEMrush

    We all must agree that SEMrush is one of the best online tools for search engine optimization (SEO). And they seem to be leading by example!

    The SEMrush blog is available in 5 different languages and is not only focused on SEO - you can also learn about social media best practices, how to leverage other marketing channels to raise brand awareness and lead generation.

    We must admit that our favourite part is the SEO Reality Show, the behind-the-scenes look at digital marketing agencies. As they call it: it’s a show “to see in detail how marketing winners get the job done”. There you can find several case studies from different industries and company sizes - from the bakery around the corner to digital marketing agencies.

    top digital marketing blogs

    8. Google Marketing Platform Official Blog

    Google Marketing Platform is where you can find the latest news and updates all marketers should be aware of. If you’re constantly using Google Analytics products and tools, you’d better add a bookmark or favourite to this page.

    The blog is very useful for newbies and experts since it explains how Google’s marketing solutions work and how to prepare for future updates. Stay tuned for webinars and online events! You can register for free and watch roundtables where Google C-Levels and managers meet top-level executives to discuss marketing strategies.

    9. Moz

    One of our favourites SEO tool and software, Moz is dedicated to helping companies to increase traffic, ranking and visibility in their search results. And we couldn’t expect something different from their blog! Written by industry experts, the articles vary from “best advice, research, how-tos, and insights—all in the name of helping you level-up your SEO and online marketing skills”.

    They also offer free training and guides to get started on keyword research. However, if you’d like to go a step further, you can also join online courses – but it may require some investment.

    top digital marketing blogs

    10. mbudo

    And of course, we couldn't leave our blog off the list! Our team of inbound marketing experts is always on top of trends and news, making the mbudo blog a reference for those starting out and the ones who want to take a deep dive. As we are HubSpot Diamond Partners, we have access to the latest features and updates, spilling the beans about the best CRM tool on the planet! 

    Not a HubSpot user? Don't worry! Our blog posts, guides, templates and ebooks are dedicated to unveil the secrets of implementing a successful marketing plan, as well as helping managers, executives and C-Levels to make their best decisions.

    Let us help you grow and scale your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or need any help!

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    Bianca Alves

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