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    10 Powerful Updates to HubSpot Products in 2020

    by Mary Swick

    It's great to be a HubSpot partner and user in 2020! In this year's Partner Product Updates Report, HubSpot explains all the new features and tools coming to the HubSpot platform in 2020. 

    In this article, we will highlight the best HubSpot products and updates for Marketing. 

    1. Content Editor

    The first big change is an updated content editor for web, landing, and blog pages. If you're familiar with the HubSpot email editor, then you will already know how this editor looks and feels. HubSpot says this new style "creates better consistency". It also creates space for the new website themes tool, global content editor, and drag and drop page editing (which will hopefully be something HubSpot implements globally in the future). 

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    2. SEO 

    Content Strategy has always been important to HubSpot. In fact, helpful, relevant content is key to the Inbound methodology. Although the HubSpot content strategy focuses more on pillar pages and topic clusters, SEO is still an essential part of creating content. 

    They're making it easier than ever to do SEO with a SEO Recommendations Home, where you'll get a breakdown of SEO issues and recommendations for your website and blog. It ranks the issues as high, medium, and low, so you can prioritize which problems to address first. HubSpot blogging has never been easier!

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    3. Workflows

    Workflows are very important to Marketing Automation. And HubSpot has made a lot of updates to workflows this year. See below:

    • Add more conditions to your if/then branches: If/then branches can now feature more than 2 conditions (previously only one). 
    • Set record associations in workflows: You can associate tasks, tickets, and deals within workflows to certain records. 
    • Control merged contact enrollment: There is a new setting for workflows that lets us control merged contacts, making sure they're in the correct workflows. 
    • Higher workflow limits: Now, create 1000 workflows instead of 500. 


    4. Chatflows

    Do you know about the 2018 GDPR regulation on data processing and consent? Well, now your live chat will feature extra GDPR consent options for customers, specifically the live chat cookie. 

    For your chatflows, you'll be able to utilize more conversational targeting. Based on characteristics like location, web behavior, source, and more, you can trigger unique chatflows. 

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    5. Social Media

    Have you ever needed to export data from your HubSpot ad campaigns? Well, now you can! Export the ad campaign data of Facebook and Google ads, and the campaign group data of LinkedIn ads (this does not include ad sets or ad groups).   

    "Boosting" is becoming a popular advertising method on social media. In the recent HubSpot product updates, you can now boost Facebook posts within the HubSpot social tool, effectively turning these posts into an ad. This, in turn, will create a Page Post Engagement Facebook campaign for that post. 


    6. Account Based Marketing

    HubSpot have really outdone themselves with their new Account Based Marketing features. This is one of the most exciting HubSpot products to date! So much so, that the HubSpot Account Based Marketing tools have their very own write-up. Read it here!


    7. Revenue Attribution

    Multi-touch revenue attribution has gotten a whole slew of updates in 2020! With the Marketing Enterprise Hub, you can take advantage of: revenue attribution by campaign, filter attribution by marketing vs. sales, revenue attribution reports, better drill downs, and to top it all off, a new course in the HubSpot Academy


    8. Partitioning

    In Marketing, the most successful teams tend to be the most organized ones! Assign access to your content, known as "partioning", to certain users and teams. In HubSpot, you are able to partition CTAs (Call-to-Action), forms, emails, lists, dashboards, pages, etc. You can do this within the individual asset pages or create rules for automatic partitioning via Settings > Users & Teams > Teams and enable the auto-assignment toggle at the top.


    9. Adaptive Testing

    HubSpot is making advances in machine learning! With adaptive testing, they employ machine learning to constantly and automatically run tests and optimize traffic to improve your website conversion rates. It's basically A/B testing on steroids! The great thing about this is that it's automatic, meaning no more manual setup or monitoring. To get started with Adaptive Testing, go in the CMS page editor > Run a test > Adaptive test. 


    10. Sales and Service Hub Updates

    Marketing isn't the only thing offered by the HubSpot platform - we can't forget about their Sales and Service offerings, too. 


    Sales Hub

    • Quotes: Greater quotes functionality under the main Sales navigation menu.
    • New Labels for Meetings Properties: You now have new labels for properties on meetings to involve date, campaign, medium, etc. 
    • Task Pane in Outlook 365: Pin the task pane in the Office 365 add-on to make sure sales emails are logged and tracked.  

    meetings hubspot product


    Service Hub

    • Knowledge Base: Restrict access to the knowledge base for certain contacts, search tags in knowledge base articles, and add knowledge base search to live chat. 


    We can't wait to try out all of these updates for Inbound Marketing and to help improve our clients' Marketing tactics. At mbudo, we're a HubSpot Partner Agency so we're huge advocates for the HubSpot platform - if you'd like to get started with HubSpot or incorporate any of these elements into your Marketing Strategy, get in touch with us!

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    Mary Swick

    Mary Swick

    Mary is a professional copywriter with nearly 10 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising. As an American expat in Madrid, she enjoys the relaxed Spanish culture, hiking, and the latest shows from Netflix and HBO. Mary also loves cats and music (she's the office DJ!)