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    TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU Examples for Marketing & Sales

    In Inbound Marketing, we use different types of content to attract prospects at different stages of the buying process. This is called the Buyer's Journey and it consists of three...
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    How the HubSpot WhatsApp Integration can help grow your business

    As users, we all know about the wonders of WhatsApp, the messaging platform heard around the world. It has 2 billion users worldwide, with 100 billion messages being sent every day
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    How to create Marketing Attribution Reports in HubSpot

    One of the many concerns for Marketers in this New Year to come is also related to one of the main Marketing trends, which is the rising complexity of the Buyer’s Journey.
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    How to Make a Content Strategy for your Technology Company

    Technology companies are no different than normal companies, but their products and services are oftentimes very advanced and specific. You can’t simply launch your content out...
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    Started as CMO? Why Inbound should be part of your strategy

    As a CMO, you might know that it’s important to use different strategies to build trustworthy relationships with your leads, prospects, and customers. But with the variety of...
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    How to build a Demand Generation Engine with Inbound Marketing

    When starting a company, it is common to base Marketing efforts on a “point and shoot” approach to see what “sticks”. Testing and re-testing makes sense when you are trying to...
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